Lafayette Gourmet celebrates French cuisine with fabulous French Week


Ending February 4, Lafayette Gourmet is set to tantalise the taste buds by ringing in the delightfully divine French Week, featuring the very best in French products, live cooking shows, French cooking classes and a special French menu at its restaurant in Dubai Mall.

Alongside all of this will also be a French-style market, with five different stations offering tastes of the most delectable delicacies.

Lafayette Gourmet’s French Week will also feature live evening cooking shows, hosted by some of Dubai’s top French chefs. Discover the secrets behind the finest fish and chips on January 27 and February 3; marvel at the mouth-watering moules marinières shows on January 28 and February 4; and soak up the sweetness of the pear tatin with cinnamon ice cream shows on January 29 and February 5. All shows take place at 6pm, making for the perfect pre-dinner entertainment.

And for those who want to try their hands at becoming the world’s next best French chef, Lafayette Gourmet will host a number of French cooking classes during its fabulous French Week.

As for the ingredients, Lafayette Gourmet’s French Market will feature all that is needed to prepare the perfect cuisine, with five stations offering tastes of the finest French foods. For breakfast, why not visit the Petit Déjeuner station, where you can taste the flavours of a morning in France? There will be French baguettes, croissants, butters, honeys and jams, made by the best French brands, including Honey Mas Des Abeilles, L’Epicurien Jam and Spread, Bicuiterie De Chambord and Tregor Eggs.

For the sweet-toothed French food fan, the Chocolate Fountain and Crêpes & Biscuits station will be a must-see. Featuring a chocolate fondue with fruit or cookie dips, chocolates to melt or eat, and the famous French crêpe, this station will turn even the best-kept New Year’s diets on their heads. With brands like Aux Anysetiers Du Roy Fondue and Maxim’s Gourmet Chocolate, who will be able to resist?

For a more relaxing sensation, the best destination has to be the Salon De Thé, the tea station. Customers are invited to drink tea, coffee and consume everything that goes well with hot drinks, from coloured sugar to cookies and biscuits. Once again, only the very best in French brands will be featured, such as Eric Bur Tea, Le Temps Des Cerises and Biscuterie De L’Abbaye Sables Au Beurre.

Afterwards, why not stop in at the Olive and Condiments station, for the best insight into those little extras that make French food so fabulous? All of the country’s amazing olive oils, vinegars, mustards, salts, peppers and truffles will be there, including examples from brands such as Mt. De Turenne Flagelot XT Fin, Sel de Guerande and Moutarde Fallot.

And, of course, a French Market would not be French without its cheese station, which why French Week’s Cheese Station is designed for the most serious of serious cheese lovers. There is a full French cheese selection to taste, including Rouzaire Brie De Meaux AOC, Beillevaire St. Paulin Fermier and Goat Cheese Cabri Parthenay.

Known to be one of the most influential Western cuisines, who hasn’t been affected by French cooking somehow? The sauces, the techniques, the mindsets of classic French cooking have influenced Western cuisine for most of the modern age. So come and be a part of Lafayette Gourmet’s fabulous French Week.


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