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Abu Dhabi Receives the First Global Shipment of the New Astrazeneca “Evusheld” COVID-19 Medication

Abu Dhabi Receives 1st Global Shipment of Astrazeneca “Evusheld” COVID-19 Medication

Abu Dhabi received its first global Evusheld shipment on December 20 In partnership with Etihad Cargo, AstraZeneca, and Department of Health-Abu Dhabi Storage and distribution of...

Emirates SkyCargo Transports 1st Batch of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccines

In recognition of the invaluable contribution by the healthcare ecosystem, Emirates SkyCargo transports the vaccine free of charge Vaccine doses flown, offloaded and cleared on...

Newer Vaccine Technologies Deployed to Develop COVID-19 Shot

Researchers look to messenger RNA encased in nanoparticles, DNA plasmids, molecular clamps, and other approaches as they rush to design a vaccine against the...