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Frontier Markets ETFs Soared in May

The iShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETF is proving Thursday's massive volume spike was not a fluke. Along with some other frontier markets ETFs ,...

Investment funds switch out of Africa into MENA

According to BofA's investment funds flows positioning recent research, the MENA region now tempts GEM funds from Africa. However, the UAE surge was missed...

UAE ranked second top frontier market on Bloomberg Markets

According to the results of Bloomberg Markets’ first ranking of the most-promising emerging and frontier markets for investors, the United Arab Emirates ranked second...

MSCI extends review for reclassification of UAE from frontier status

MSCI announced it will extend review for reclassification of the U.A.E. and Qatar from frontier status “in order to give additional time for market participants to assess the effectiveness” of the new payment systems in the exchanges.

Frontier Markets No Riskier than Emerging Markets

Some of the world's most rapidly expanding economies fall into what is popularly referred to as the Frontier markets.

GCC Emerging, Frontier Markets Haven in Focus

“Once you start thinking about growth… …it is hard to think about anything else.” So declared economics Nobel laureate Robert Lucas, and his point...