10 Most Exciting Reasons to Holiday in Dubai


Thanks to its unbeatable combinations of sun, sand, sea, and a stunning cityscape, Dubai has become something of a Mecca for tourists over the last decade. Here are ten reasons why you should visit Dubai:

The weather

Thanks to Dubai’s location near the Tropic of Cancer it boasts sunshine all year long. Combine this with average daily temperatures of 25 °C during the winter, and Dubai holidays almost guarantee great weather every time. And did we mention it usually only rains on five days a year?

The beaches

Thanks to its long coastline on the Persian Gulf, Dubai is host to a number of truly world class beaches, some only a stone’s throw from the city. Many hotels have their own private beaches, but there are plenty public beaches too, with Mamzer Beach Park and Jumeirah Beach Park being two of the best examples.

4238548967_7bd30368c2_oThe markets

Known as Souks, Dubai’s markets play an important role in the life of the Emirate, and are an ideal way to see the “real Dubai”. The best known is the Gold Souk, which is a must-see for jewellery lovers. Another colourful example is the Spice Souk, which is a perfect way to take in some of the spicier sights and smells of the city.

The buildings

Dubai is home to a number of stunning buildings. But none are more amazing than the Burj Khalifa. This amazing skyscraper is the tallest building in the world and a must-visit destination for anyone.

The ski slope

While the Arabian Desert may not seem like the best place to go skiing, Dubai is incredibly home to the world’s largest indoor ski slope, Ski Dubai. What better way to beat the midday heat?

The food

Dubai is a foodie’s heaven. Thanks to the diverse mix of cultures that have recently made the city their home, Dubai is awash with a wealth of restaurants catering to every cuisine.

The artificial islands

Dubai’s building boom hasn’t just gone upwards, but it’s also gone outwards to sea with the creation of a number of artificial islands. The most impressive of these is The Palm Island. This stunning man-made sight takes the shape of a palm leaf that stretched out into the blue waters.

The history

While Dubai’s rise from a sleepy fishing village to the global capital it is today may have changed the city beyond recognition, old Dubai is still there. Take in some of the history of the emirate with a visit to old village of Al Bastakiya and the Old Fort and enjoy a glimpse of life in Dubai in centuries past.

Dubai_1809The desert

Dubai can seem like it is between two seas. The azure waves of the Persian Gulf on one side and the dunes of the desert on the other. The desert offers as much excitement as the ocean and there is no better way to experience is than by taking a desert safari and take in some camel riding, sand skiing, and even quad biking.

The people

Like anywhere the best part of Dubai is its people. Thanks to the city’s status as a melting pot of different cultures, there are countless people to meet from all over the world, giving this cosmopolitan city a special and unique blend of Arabian and international influences.


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