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Need Extra Money? New Side Jobs You Can Try


If you need to earn extra money, and you most probably do, here are a few side jobs you may try.

You might be working at a job that didn’t quite pay all your bills, especially as cost of living rapidly increases. Even if you have all your bills paid, earning an income on the side isn’t such a bad thing.

While you could work more hours at the office or start your side business, there are also plenty of other chances for you to easily earn money on the side with some extra effort. Don’t believe it? Check out the following suggestions.

1. Temporary Jobs

There’s no shortage of companies who are in need of either short-term or contract employees. In fact, you can do a quick search on Google and find hundreds of temp and hiring agencies in your region. Not only can this help you find a quick side gig, temping allows you to develop new skills and potentially land a permanent position that is better than your current position.

2. Become a property consultant

If you’re intimately familiar with your community, and you love sharing that knowledge, then why not try to work as a property consultant on the weekends? This is a little difficult to manage in Dubai as you will need to pass RERA exams and be employed by a real estate agency that will take half of your earnings, but elsewhere where the regulations are not so advanced, it might work out.

3. Run Errands

There are a lot of people who don’t have the time, ability, or desire to run their errands. That’s when you can step in to earn extra money by running errands for someone whenever your schedule is free. The most popular and easy task is dog walking.

4. Take in a Boarder

If you have spare room bedroom, you could rent it out on Airbnb. Or, if you don’t want a revolving door in your home of guests coming and going, then you can take in a boarder. Before letting just anyone rent out the room, check out the local rates for renting rooms, interview applicants, run some background check, and establish boundaries immediately.

5. Paint Murals

If you’re a talented artist, you can get paid to paint amazing murals. When starting out, make sure that you create your portfolio, produce eye-catching promo materials, and promote your business at local home and garden shows, for example.

6. Put Ads on Your Car

Since you’re driving around town anyway, and don’t have to time to work for Uber, you could just put ads on your vehicle. Just be wary ofscams that ask you to pay something upfront.

7. Sell Pictures Online

If you’re a photographer, or enjoy photography as a hobby, then sell the photos that you’ve taken on specialized sites.

8. Invent a Product

It’s never been easier to fund your product idea. Don’t get caught in creating something too complicated though. There are low-risk and inexpensive inventions that you can develop–just like Spanx.

9. Substitute Teach

If you have a flexible schedule, or a schedule where you have a couple of days off during the week, you can sub. It’s an incredibly easy gig that can pay anywhere between AED 100 and 350 an hour.

10. Fitness Instructor

You can teach a class before or after work and earn approximately AED 500 per class. That’s not a bad deal, since it also ensures that you stay healthy. Some people don’t need some big expert fitness guru, they merely need someone to walk around the block with them, and they are willing to pay for this service.



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