Budget-Friendly Christmas Decoration Ideas


Many people think decorating for the holidays is a waste of time and money and their houses stay casual and modest even during the festive season. But what is Christmas without the lights, the Christmas tree and the colours bringing the spirit of joy and happiness to our homes?

Even if you can’t afford five boxes of Christmas lights, Santa and reindeer figures, it doesn’t mean you can’t decorate at all. There are ways to adorn the house without spending a lot of money. You can often find most of the materials lying around, or in nature; just use your imagination and you will come up with some really beautiful and unique decorations that may challenge even Bloomingdale’s collection.

Potted Christmas Branch Tree

If your house or apartment is too small and there is no room for a traditional Christmas tree, you can make your own little tree and place it wherever you want. It can also be used to decorate the porch or the balcony. Take a tall pot or a large jar and fill it with several tall tree branches from your yard. Fill the pot with clean sand and decorate however you like. You can even do a smaller version for the table in the same way. For more extravagant look you can spray paint the tree white, silver or whatever you like!

Coloured Bulbs

This is the easiest way to make your home illuminate with festive colours. Swap the plain light bulbs for coloured ones to have some soft glow in the room. This will bring a completely different atmosphere to the whole place.


You can use candles instead of Christmas lights not only for a small bill, but also for greater looks. Buy some tea lights and arrange them all over the house. If you worry about starting a fire, put them into little glass jars. This looks really cute, especially if fill the jars with sand, sugar, or coffee beans. There are a lot of other options – just look for any dispensable materials that can be used.

Pine Cones

You can create a number of decorations out of simple pine cones. You can make garlands and wreaths, or a table centerpiece like this one. Take a dozen of pine cones and spray paint them, leave them to dry and put them in a bowl. Add some evergreens and berries and the perfect centerpiece is ready.

Other decoration ideas

As a whole the cheapest Christmas decorations can be purchased at flea markets, yard sales and consignment shops. You can find real treasures there at great prices. Another idea is to scout your house, garage and attic for things that are in Christmas colours, and think how they can be used as a decoration. For example, the old metal cookie cutters in a star shape are wonderful ornaments for the Christmas tree – attach a red ribbon, and spray paint them if you like to have sweet vintage ornaments.


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