Early Holiday Season – Make Room for New Xbox, Surface Pro 4


This years, consumers may not need to wait until the holiday season for new electronic product releases. Upgraded new Xbox and Surface Pro 4 may be available for purchase as soon as this summer… or maybe even earlier!

Surface Pro 4 – Windows 10’s Companion

microsoft_surface_rt_32gb__touch_coverEven though Surface 3 was launched just a while ago, Microsoft is already said to add another product to its lineup of tablet PCs. The company is expected to release its fourth generation of Surface Pro hybrid tablets. Various leaks on Surface Pro 4 sugest that the gadget will be offered in two versions – one with a 12” display and another with a 14” display. However, both are said to have a resolution of 2160×1440 and a fifth-generation Intel Core i-series processor. In addition, the next Surface will have an improved Surface Pen, a next-generation docking station, 16 GB of RAM and a maximum internal storage capacity of 1TB. It is also expected that the new Surface Pro will be fanless, making it quieter than its predecessors. It is also tipped that Pro 4 will come with a battery that will be smaller in size, but with the same life capacity.

The only detail Surface Pro 4 reports do not reveal is the device’s possible launch date. Sources, like Slashgear, initially suggested that Microsoft will announce the latest Surface Pro in mid-May just like it did last year with Surface Pro 3. Other reports, however, point at a release timeframe between June and October, which will coincide with the launch of the company’s new operating system Windows 10.

Xbox One Doubles Its Capacity

It is highly unlikely, but Microsoft may also be planning to launch an upgraded version of its Xbox One console. Presently, the device comes with 500GB of internal storage. However, a Spanish retailer has accidentally leaked that Microsoft will soon offer a console with double memory space. The online store listed an Xbox One with 1TB of memory capacity for pre-order. The console is offered without the Kinect sensor and has a price tag of €449.99, which is about $500. According to the retailer, the console will become released in Spain on June 23rd this year.

Although Microsoft has declined to comment, the Spanish retailer has already taken down the offer from its catalogue. In addition to that, E3, one of the world’s biggest exhibitions for computers and video games, will kick off days before the launch of the new Xbox One. This suggest that Microsoft may choose to unveil the updated console namely during this show.

The extra 500GB that the Xbox may soon make more sense than you can actually imagine. The console is predicted to soon get TV DVR capabilities. Therefore, it will need a lot more internal memory to store DVR programs.

Meanwhile, the world is also awaiting for the release of Windows 10. The new operating system is expected to become available in a matter of month or maybe even weeks.

All signs point to an early holiday season for technology geeks. The only question that remains open is whether Microsoft will offer any holiday-like discounts on its other products this summer.


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