Top Marketing Trends 2015


The rise of social media and all things mobile certainly will continue to lead the top marketing trends in 2015. Emails will continue to be a preferred marketing method for many companies, although their influence over consumers’ buying decisions is significantly reduced in recent years. Word of mouth is still the most successful advertising! And this might be considered as one of the reasons why in 2015 businesses will try to diversify their marketing strategies and give consumers occasional breaks from promotions and deals.

Breathing Room Between Promotions

Marketers will start to realize that in order to avoid their ads and promotions to be seen as spam by consumers, they need to give people some space or something more. To do that, they will send out more messages focused around holiday greetings or birthdays. Also, there will be a boom of the so-called white space emails. Those are emails that do not contain deals or promotional information, but fun, entertaining or educational content. In that way, give consumers some space to breathe.

Mobile Apps Become the Necessary Evil

Next year, marketers will reach to a very important conclusion – that mobile applications are the necessary evil. Apps are currently the most effective way for connecting with on-the-go clients. However, in contrast to previous years, when companies simply created apps just so they could say they have a mobile app, in 2015, they will prefer to offer something that has a practical side and stronger consumer value. In other words, businesses will try to develop apps that can actually be of some assistance to their clients.

Brand Loyalty Encouragement

Apart from trying to offer their clients services and products at competitive prices, companies will also emphasize on the post-purchase experience. For instance, they will highlight when a product comes with free consumer support or future discounts for products purchased from the same company. In that way, they will attempt to encourage and promote brand loyalty instead of separate products.

Marketers Will Use Data to Customize Emails

The idea for personalized emails is not something new in the marketing world. But in 2015, it will reach new heights in order to keep a spot among the top marketing trends. That is due to the fact that many companies will realize how they can use consumer data to customize the emails they send them. That will increase the messages’ relevance and make a company’s email marketing more successful.


The majority of today’s consumers rely on mobile, local and social technology when it comes to researching, browsing or purchasing products. Even though the multichannel consumer experience offered by more than 70% of companies today is rather poor, marketers will focus more of their energy in improving this category. That can be a hefty task. Luckily, there are various automation tools that can reduce some of the burden.

Altogether, 2015 will not see a marketing revolution. Nevertheless, the consumer experience is expected to improve, as businesses start to understand how they can best leverage different marketing strategies.


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