19th Season of Global Village Opens Tomorrow



The largest family entertainment and cultural attraction in Dubai and the region, Global Village opens tomorrow and will last for 157 days. With more than 12,000 cultural shows, over 20 concerts and at least 50 games, the 19th season of Global Village will drive tourism growth, attracting thousands of regional and international visitors to Dubai.

At a press conference, officials announced the launch of the 19th edition of the biggest entertainment venue and theme park in the region, Global Village. It opens doors on Thursday, November 6 and will run for more than five months, or 157 to be exact. The attraction is known to offer varied family entertainment, but organizers said that this year, there will be more surprises and Global Village will be bigger and better than ever. The 19th edition presents the first mascot of Global Village, called Globo, which is said to be a friendly creature that will have its own themed shows. 70 countries will participate with their own pavilions, which is more than the 65 participants in 2013. In addition, the attraction is larger in terms of size as the exhibiting space is expanded by 330,000 square feet.

Games and shows

Visitors can choose from more than 50 games and rides, as well as various entertainment shows. One of the new additions this year is the Fantasy Island funfair, as well as the new and bigger Ferris wheel, which is 65 meter tall. Also the Sky Swing will be a high-octane adrenaline ride which takes you up at 33 meters in the sky, and then you pull a parachute and start a freefall. There will be lots of cultural shows, including the Wall Kings, the vertical Drummers, the Comedy Car Show, FMX Show, Lords of Lightning, and Mirror Man. Visitors can also enjoy the Dancing Fountain, Streetmosphere, and the Covent Garden Street Festival.

New attractions

Among the 70 represented countries will be the new pavilions of Cambodia, Iraq, and the Americas. One of the biggest attractions will be the Prehistoric Oceanarium, but organizers also announced the Animals Land, Al Remal Pit, Illumination World, 3D Haunted house and heritage Village.

Of course, there will be many dining and shopping options for visitors, as well as musical concerts from local and international stars. This year, Global Village also has its own mobile application, as well as free Wi-Fi coverage across the village site. It has a parking space for 17,000 cars. Entry tickets are AED 15, but it’s free for kids under the age of 3, as well as for 65-year-olds and older. With the ticket, you also get a “scratch ad win” voucher and the chances for winning are actually quite big as there are 5 million prizes.


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