Get Fit, Firm and Fabulous this Ramadan



Physique TV, the Middle East’s only health & fitness channel, unveils alternative TV programming that will inspire viewers to stay in shape and maintain healthy habits during the Holy Month.

Watching television is one of the most popular past times in the Middle East during Ramadan, with viewing hours rising up to 6 hours per day. This year, there is an expected battle of the viewers between serialized dramas, the FIFA World Cup and celebrity studded variety & comedy shows. These long hours of sitting in front of the television coupled with over indulging in food after breaking the fast can lead to very unhealthy habits.

In Ramadan, Physique TV is launching “Ramadan Tips”. These are bite-sized pieces of healthy advice in Arabic from certified health & fitness professionals. These will be aired all through out the day to constantly remind and guide viewers about frequently asked questions & topics during the season. Other health shows in the schedule are “Medicine Woman” and “Happy Body”. “Medicine Woman” is a documentary about a young doctor’s quest to learn the wellness secrets of the world’s indigenous cultures.

Dr Daniele Behn carries with her a list of thirteen ailments, from cancer to depression, as she travels across the world to find natural remedies to treat them. “Happy Body” is a show directed to females featuring practical tips to help women deal with the physical challenges they face everyday as they age. Lifestyle show “The Good Life” will also have a special Ramadan episode that will air on the 10th of July. Host Gabriela Miloda will visit a Ramadan tent and explore healthier dishes for Iftar.

On weekends, Physique TV has lined up weight-loss reality programs with inspiring stories of struggles and successes. “Fat Chef” presents real- life overweight food professionals who confront and defeat their abusive relationships with food while doing the job that they love. “Chubby Children” highlights the problem of childhood obesity. Obesity expert Paul Gately integrates himself into the lives of six overweight kids and their families to help them adopt healthier lifestyles. “Diet Tribe” is the story of 5 friends embarking on a weight-loss journey with the help of fitness trainer Jessie Pavelka.

Also in the schedule are daily fitness programs for people who want to stay in shape but canot afford to go to the gym or exercise outdoors during the summer. Viewers can tune in to free exercise classes on “Yoga Today”, “Pilates TV” and “Crunch”.

For the male audiences, extreme and combat sports programs such as “Ultimate Rush”, “Momentum” and “MMA All Out” are on the late night schedule. “MMA All Out” will also have special Ramadan episodes on weekends.


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