Fastest Growing Industries for Small Business in 2014



Although it is predicted that 2014 might offer businesses better opportunities, it will certainly not put an end to the present difficulties. Despite that, some industries will have a bigger chance to grow, develop and thrive. Those of you, who are searching for a sector to focus their startup efforts, need to consider the fastest growing industries for small business today. So, they will be less likely to suffer huge losses and will increase their chances of boosting their profits. Today’s fastest growing industries for small business startups present various opportunities.[wpsr_linkedin]


The logic focus should be on a business sector in which you feel as an expert and moreover others recognise you as such. All you need to do is to consider your own skills and qualifications. Your startup can include anything from financial and management consulting to technical and scientific consulting services. This idea is particularly suitable for young MBA holders who are looking for a smart way to kick off their career. Retired, or planning to retire executives may benefit even more as they have already established connections.

Specialized Food Stores

Consumers appear to be tired of supermarket food. Now they want something different, interesting and, most of all, healthy. There are various opportunities you may consider. For instance, you can open a store for organic food, crop food, green food and so on and so forth. A region- or even country-based idea may also work. Check the new Italian eatery at the Dubai Mall, for example. Just make sure you come up with an original idea.


The technology sector has not stopped growing over the past few years. Therefore, anything that has to do with it has the potential to generate revenues. Of course, you will need to have the skills to offer. The good news is that you will be rarely required to have a degree in the field. You may venture in various fields, from producing content to web design, online sales and marketing.

Real Estate

The real estate market is yet to get back on its feet after the 2008 crisis. However, it is dubious that this will happen in 2014. The sector is still quite unstable and it can easily crumble again. Nevertheless, real estate brokers and agents will likely have a good year.


Certain fields of agriculture will witness a development in 2014. Such will be the case with grain farming and oilseed, for example. So, if you are planning to try out as a farmer, you may take a shot with one of these ideas. In addition, governments in a number of countries have developed subsidizing programmes aimed at the agriculture sector and offer conditional financial support to startups.


Similar to the global real estate market, construction is not at its best level today. Nevertheless, every rule has an exception. Companies that deal with planning and starting new construction projects will experience various difficulties this year. However, those that specialize in their finalization may actually enjoy a boom.

Even though the global economy will be far from thriving in 2014, there will still be some sectors which will offer startups many promising opportunities.


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