The Winning Industries for World’s Richest People



The annual Billionaires Index was just released by Bloomberg. According to it, the total net worth of the billionaires included in the list has increased in 2013 by $524 billion. As a result, their total wealth is not estimated at $3.7 trillion.

Unsurprisingly, the richest of them is again Bill Gates. Microsoft’s founder has increased his fortune by nearly $16 billion over the last one year and it currently amount to $78.5 billion.

Even though technology is a very profitable industry, it is not the most profitable this year. As a matter of fact, you may be surprised to see which are the winning industries for the billionaires today.


The total wealth of the billionaires in retail is estimated at $629.3 billion and number of individuals in it is 29. Amancio Ortega leads the sector with $65.3 billion. He is also the third richest person on Bloomberg’s newest ranking. In addition to that, Ortega is Span’s wealthiest man and the biggest retailer in the world. Two more retail billionaires are among the top ten this year – Ingvar Kamprad (5) and Christy Walton (9). The latter takes the title richest woman in the world with a total wealth of $39.1 billion. In fact, the first 20 spots on the list seem to be dominated by the Walton family which is known for its Wal-Mart retail chain. Jim, Rob, Alice and Liliane Walton occupy the 11th, 12th, 14th and the 15th positions, respectively. Other retail billionaires who stand out from the wealthy crowd include fashion gurus like Armani ($10 billion), Ralph Lauren ($7.3 billion), Miuccia Prada ($7.1 billion) and Patrizio Bertelli ($7 billion). However, they are all out of the top 100.


Investing in more than one industry is a mandatory strategy for today’s billionaires. This group of billionaires consists of 34 individuals with a total wealth of $583.4 billion. Carlos Slim is listed as the second richest person on Bloomberg’s latest ranking. Slim’s wealth is estimated at  $72 billion and he is Mexico’s wealthiest person. A few spots down are Charles and David Koch who take the 6th and the 7th positions, respectively. Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed Al Saud is ranked 16th this year with riches estimated at around $32.4 billion.


The total wealth of billionaires in this industry is $457.5 billion. A total of 26 individuals made the list. Bill Gates, who is also this year’s richest person according to Bloomberg is, leading with $78.2 billion. Another technology guru in the top ten is Larry Ellison ($43.3 billion). The founder of Oracle is on the 8th position this year. Also, on the list are Amazon’s Jeff Bezos (13), Google’s Larry Page (19) and Sergey Brin (20). Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is not among the 20 richest people in the world today. However, he continues to be among the youngest ones with a wealth amounting to $24.7 billion.


This industry has created 22 billionaires with a total net worth of $312.1 billion. Warren Buffett is leading the pack at the 4th positions with a wealth of $60.3 billion. In fact, he is the only billionaire in this sector who is ranked in this year’s top 30. Right after him, on the 31 spot, is Carl Icahn with $23.3 billion. Although Khan’s sources of income are diverse, his main area of work and investment focuses on finance.


The total wealth here reached $174.9 billion in 2013 and it includes 17 billionaires. Despite that, only one of them managed to find a place among this year’s richest people. Moreover, barely five of them are included in the top 100. Among them is Susanne Klatten (50). Germany’s richest woman has an inherited stake in BMW.

Food & Beverage

In this industry, we find 10 billionaires with richest amounting to $159 billion. The highest-ranked among them is Michele Ferrero. The owner of the world’s fourth-biggest chocolate producer and Italy’s rickets person occupies the 25th position with his $25.1 billion. A few spots down is Jacqueline Mars (28), owner of the second largest confectionery in the world.

Metal & Mining

Again, the billionaires are ten, but their total wealth is $134.8 billion. Lakshmi Mittal is the wealthiest person in this industry. His main source of income is his stakes in the world’s largest steelmaker.


There are only nine names on this ranking. Yet, they have successded to accumulate a good wealth – $124.4 billion. The richest of them is Sheldon Anderson who his $37.5 billion in 2013. He is a majority shareholder in the biggest casino company on the globe. Second is yet another casino billionaire – Lui Che Woo. He takes the 23rd place in Bloomberg’s ranking.


This industry consists of 2 billionaires this year and a total net worth of $121.9 billion. The wealthiest of them is Charlie Ergen who takes the 48th position this year. Ergen is not only a chairman, but also the biggest shareholder of one of today’s largest satellite broadcasters in the U.S. Steve Jobs window, Laurene Jobs, is comfortably sitting on the 78 place with a total wealth of $13.8 billion. She inherited not only stakes in Apple, but also a few more in Walt Disney. Rupert Murdoch follows closely behind at the 81st spot with $13.1 billion.


The number of energy billionaires in 2013 hit 10 and their total wealth – $121.6 billion. The richest of them is Mukesh Ambani, also known as India’s wealthiest man. One of his latest plans is to construct the very first 4G wireless network in his home country. The ambitious project is said to include 700 different cities in India.

Real Estate

The real estate sector billionaires accumulated $112.1 billion. Their list includes ten names, four of which are among this year’s 100 richest in the world. With a wealth of $22.4 billion, Lee Shau Kee has a great lead over all other real estate moguls on this list.


Another less profitable industry. Only $46.2 billion and barely four billionaires. In addition, only one of them has landed in the top 100 – Masayoshi Son. Son is known as the founder of one of Japan’s biggest mobile internet providers and has a wealth amounting to $19.1 billion.


This sector is one of the least profitable with total net worth of $41.6 billion. Only four people managed to turn into billionaires thanks to it. They include Hansjoerg Wyss (82), Dilip Shanghvi (88), Patrick Soon-Shiong (155), as well as Stefano Pessina (168).


Interestingly, this year, there are no billionaires in this category. Therefore, if you want to have the chance to become a billionaire one day, you should better pick another industry.
According to Bloomberg, the billionaires are expected to increase their riches in 2014. That was due to the low interest rates, the growing economy and the rising equity markets.


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