Global Village 2013 Starts on October 5



Global Village - 2Global Village 2013, the world’s biggest leisure and entertainment project, will begin on October 5 in Dubai. That was announced by the organizers of the event on Global Village’s social media pages.

The 2013-2014 Global Village season will continue for nearly half an year. It will kick off on in the beginning of October and it will end on March 1. It is expected that the event will be at least as successful as its 2012 edition. Last year, Global Village managed to attract 6 million visitors. Also, the number of pavilions it included amounted to 2,500 and represented different countries. They were all arranged on an area of 17,200,000 square feet. Participants at the previous edition of event were estimated at 3,000. It is predicted that their number will be higher this year. Participants from Europe, in particular, are reported to have greatly increased over the last few years. The trend is likely to continue at the upcoming Global Village event.

fireworks-at-global-villageOrganizers promise that the attractions at Global Village will be more than ever before. The funfair services will be offered by a funfair operator from the UK. The company is known for the fact that it worked on the celebrations of the Royal wedding in Hyde Park, as well as on the London Olympics.

Global Village VIP packs are going on sale today. They cover various categories and include exclusive services like VIP entry tickets, VIP car packs, fantasy island tickets, valet parking tickets and many more. The prices of the VIP packages range between AED900 and AED4,000. In addition, there is a special pack worth AED10,000. It includes 30 valet parking tickets, 200 entry tickets, two car stickers, 100 fantasy island tickets and one loyalty card. The loyalty card will give its receiver the privilege of an unlimted admission to the park during the entire Global Village season.

It is expected that Global Village will further push Dubai’s rising tourism sector.


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