Social Media, Email Marketing Made Easy


There are different types of marketing on which businesses rely today. But, still the most popular and effective of them is email marketing, followed by social media marketing. That is because both of them are very affordable and they do not require any special skills. Most importantly, they follow the consumer trend called the Internet. However, being productive in social media and email marketing can be very hard, especially if you have a large network of clients and partners. Sending out newsletters to each of them and updating every social media page you have can be more than time-consuming.

The good news is that there is always a way out. Go Daddy is known as a domain registrar. However, the company also offers a large variety of easy to use professional web services. Among them is one called Express Email Marketing. It is a great business solution that combines email and social media marketing.

Go Daddy’s Express Email Marketing is an impressive marketing tool that covers nearly every aspect of social media and email marketing. Moreover, it takes it to a new level. You can use to create and design emails for newsletters. You do not even need to spend much time on that, since Go Daddy will allow you to choose from more than 160 designs. You can then customize them by adding photos and text or resizing them. After that, the service provides statistics how many emails you have sent and what part of them were read by the receivers. Such data can be really important for businesses and in the same time very helpful. It can be used for the improvement of the company’s promotion and sales strategy, for instance.

Express Email Marketing will also make social marketing easier. It will automatically share your email offers on all of your business’ social network profiles. Furthermore, it will allow you to update all of them at ones. This means that you will no longer need to stay glued to these websites and that you will have more time to develop your business. In addition, Go Daddy will keep track on all the activity on your social network pages and send you valuable feedback. This will enable you to quickly track all the trends among your online consumers. You will finally know on what type social content, services and products are worth focusing on.

Small businesses’ greatest concern is often money. Small-sized companies usually rely on a limited budget and would do their best to stick to it. That is another reason why Go Daddy’s social media and email marketing service is so suitable for them. Express Email Marketing comes at bargain prices. Also, business owners can actually choose how much they want to spend on the tool. There are three subscription plans, each of which comes with a different price tag. Every plan, however, comes with the basic features of the tool like unlimited emails, social marketing, ready-made email designs and a survey builder. Simply said, businesses will not be required to pay extra to get the full package.

If you are wondering why businesses should invest in such tools, we will tell you that email and social media marketing are among the most effective promotional tools for companies. Social network users today are estimated to make up nearly 80% of all Internet users. Email platforms are even more popular than that. Therefore, it is clear that this type of marketing is no longer something trivial for businesses, but rather a necessity.


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