Social Media Marketing Practices Withstanding Test of Time



Social media marketing practices constantly change and develop. New platforms are launched every year and the already popular social websites are adding new features, designs or even target audience to their list. Sign up for a free 30 day trial of HootSuite Pro to find out what we mean. Social media marketers need to follow closely all the latest trends in the field in order to stand out from the crowd. [wpsr_retweet]

However, there are a number of social media marketing practices that are here to stay. They will deliver strong results, mainly because they have been in use for sometime already and because some of them were even scientifically proven to be more successful than others.

Paid ads

Unfortunately, social media is no longer that cheap and that free for marketers as it used to be. More and more platforms are keeping all the best advertising features for those who are willing to pay. Marketers who stick to the classic social media strategy are pushed out of the game. This tendency will become stronger since social networks have already realised that paid advertising can be a gold mine for them. In addition, marketing materials are not that cheap to produce even if you outsource to online companies such as, for example.

Focus on quality content

No matter whether you market your brand on a low or a high budget, what you will always need is a content of an exceptional quality. Offering content that is fresh, unique and interesting all at once is and will continue to be a winning formula for marketers. Therefore, make sure you focus more on creating and distributing such content to your audience if you want optimal results.

Visual side of social media

Scientists have proved that our brains are naturally more responsive to visual stimulators. That is namely why social media websites which are developed around images witness a massive boom over the past couple of years. Check Vimeo, for example. Since our brains are not likely to evolve with the speed of light, visual content will enjoy a huge success on social platforms. It is estimated that pictures can easily attract the attention of nearly 95% more people and encourage every fourth user to click on the post. So, do not turn your back on visual content.


The primary devices used by people to access their social media profile are mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets. The smart mobile trend may one day be replaced by even fancier type of gadgets. Still, that will not happen in a day. Therefore, creating mobile-friendly content should remain among marketers’ priorities for a few more years.

Listening to the audience

Ultimately, however, the best way to build your business strategy is by paying attention to what your audience has to say. Read the comments and discussions not only on your page, but also in forums and blogs. In addition, research what they are saying about your competition. Although social listening is one of the most important job of social media marketers, it still lacks some recognition.

Knowing the hottest social media trends can be very beneficial for your social marketing campaign. However, if you are not aware of the proven social media marketing practices which have the power to somehow withstand the test of time, your brand is not likely to outlive them.


  1. For a social media marketing noob like me, I think I would find it very difficult to manage. I just have a question or two: how long do you think will it take one to know the ins and outs of online marketing? While I’m learning, would you suggest I consult an agency to do it instead? I originally planned to contact Gergana from the Dubai Chronicle to ask if she can suggest a strategy as she manages brilliantly the Any ideas would help. Thanks!


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