Arab Fashion Finds Place on International Runways


The fashion of the Arab world is characterized with its unique culture and traditions. But although designers from the Middle East have been getting a lot of attention lately, Arab fashion is still missing exposure to international runways and fashion events. In the rare cases in which fashion weeks include something from the region, it is usually shadowed by more mainstream and commercial designs. However, that may soon change as one world-known fashion event will welcome Arab fashion on its runways.

This year, the Italian International Fashion Week (IIFW) will organize a special event dedicated entirely to Arab fashion. It is called Fashion Arabia and it will be the first event to focus only on works of Arab designers on an international level.

The United Arab Emirates will also take part in the Italian International Fashion Week. The country will be represented by Zari O’Breesam which is among the most recognized fashion brands from the UAE.

Nazek Al Sabnagh, fashion designer and Zari O’Breesam founder, shared the company is honoured to take the role of UAE’s representative. He also said that the country’s participation in Fashion Arabia was heartily supported by fashion designers in the region.

Sabbagh believes that the event will strengthen the position of the country on the international fashion market. That is due to the fact that Italian International Fashion Week, as well as Fashion Arabia, is predicted to lure people and fashion names from all over the world. That may offer the region an opportunity to increase its fashion sales or even be noticed by other international fashion exhibitors.

The fashion designer is confident that Arab fashion will finally receive greater attention. Sabbagh points that European countries, in particular are showing a big interest in fashion from the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates. He adds that this will be reflected through IIFW’s Fashion Arabia event.

The Italian International Fashion Week will be held from July 4th to 5th, in Rome, Italy. Apart from Zari O’Breesam, Fashion Arabia will include eleven more Arab fashion brands and designers. It is expected that the Arab-oriented fashion event will be attended by both Arab and European fashion fans. Also, different famous fashion brands, experts, as well as diplomatic figures are too expected to be seen at Fashion Arabia.


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