What Travelers Do Before Departing on Summer Vacation


Survey Reveals Travelers’ Habits and Attitudes Before the Summer Holiday Season


Have you started preparing for your summer vacation? Many people undergo a series of grooming and beauty treatments before they dare to step a foot on the beach. Until recently it was believed that a huge part of travelers go on a diet to prepare their body for the summer. However, a new survey reveals that summer vacation goers are actually more worried about getting sunburnt.

The study is called Holiday Beauty & Grooming Survey 2013 and it was conducted by HotelBookers. In it, participated over 850 respondents who shared more about their attitudes towards their pre-vacation preparations and priorities.

According to the survey, more than half of the people who plan to go on a summer vacation are not worried about their body shape. Nearly 60% of the participants in the study have stated that they do not have the habit of going on a diet in order to prepare their figures for the summer vacation. In addition, over 85% of them are not willing to even stop or cut down drinks in favour of their beach bodies.

One of the most important things for vacationers was actually found to be tanning. Nearly half of them want to get a nice holiday tan. Nevertheless, travelers take a lot of precautions to protect their skin from the negative effects of sunlight. Almost 60% of the people who took part in the survey plan to wear sunscreen factor during their vacation. Also, 85.8% of them will not reveal too much of themselves when sunbathing.

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The study also confirmed one less surprising fact – women are more concerned about their body image compared to men. About 54% of men feel completely satisfied in their skin and do not want to change anything about it. Still, the celebrity with the most inspiring figure for them is Daniel Craig.

Women, on the other hand, are more critical towards their body shape. Only 48.7% of them are happy with their physical image. In addition, a big part of the ladies in the survey have shared that they wish to have the body of singer Beyoncé.

Women’s habit to pay more attention to their bodies is also reflected by the discovery that many of them undergo various beauty treatments and buy more cosmetics before packing their beach bags. In contrast, men shy away from grooming and are only open to get a fresh haircut before the holiday.

Also, many summer vacation goers update their summer wardrobe with new clothes and jewelry accessories. According to the study, the majority of them (42.4%) spend under $85 on that, while those who are ready to give up to $150 on new accessories and clothes are 31%.

Also, holiday travelers are more likely to give up on a clothing piece than not taking their mobile phone with them.


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