Special summer offers on beach holidays with a click of a mouse


 Special summer offers on beach holidays may not sound as something very unique and exiting to people who already live by the sea in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Many do not even notice the sea during the busy business season, when working hours and days stretch to incredible lengths. If you need a really relaxing holiday after months of work, responsibilities and worries, pack your bag and take the long-waited journey to some of the world’s best beaches. Whether you want a simple, sandy solitude, the perfect wave of the year, or a place to let the kids run wild, Qatar Airways now runs special summer offers on best beach holidays! Travelers from Dubai and Abu Dhabi now have the opportunity to book a tailor-made dream vacation “all inclusive”.[wpsr_retweet]

 From 1st May right to 31st October this year, you can find the perfect summer vacation while sitting comfortably in front of your computer or even mobile device. Explore various promotional offers at the airline’s official webpage, QataAirlines.com and choose your vacation with only a few clicks away! The company now allows passengers not only to book their flights on the website, but to book their hotel stays, too. This is the easiest way to find and personalize your holiday – just choose a destination and a hotel, book a 3-night stay and a return economy class airfare, and voilà – it’s the perfect short summer vacation! Just don’t forget the sunscreen and the sunglasses!

The first destination included in the Beach Holidays Offers is the Maldives, which is no doubt, among the most preferred places for relaxation and recreation on the planet. The secret of its magnetism hides in the fact that the Maldives, with its 1190 islands, offers a great variety of activities – sunbathing, snorkeling and scuba diving, underwater exploration of coral riffs and many others. In the Maldives one can find all kinds of accommodations – from traditional hotel rooms, to beach villas and bungalows right above the sea water, all promising 5-star quality and service. Qatar Airways packages start from 4657 (Abu Dhabi) and 4321 (Dubai), which is already affordable, but if you take advantage of the special promotional offers, you will save a bit.

Another island country in the Indian Ocean which we all dream of visiting for at least three days, is the Seychelles where the beauty of the coral islands will make you want to stay there forever. If you are lucky enough to visit some of the more remote coral islands, don’t miss to dive and see the marine life which is really spectacular and the fish and other creatures are not yet afraid of divers. One of the islands, Praslin, in fact was once believed to be the true Garden of Eden, so it’s definitely one of the most charming places you can ever see. If you fly from Abu Dhabi, prepare AED 4657 for a night and AED 4321 if you are leaving from Dubai. The prices are great actually, considering the hotels are 4- and 5-star.

The next top destination is a common choice for Middle Easter travelers.  The Phuket province in Thailand has been chosen a number-one destination in various polls for a dream holiday. No wonder, 145,000 tourists from UAE visited the island only in 2012. There you can ride an elephant, explore the place on ATV, or take part in the unique, and little weird outdoor sports such as Frisbee Golf or Football Golf. There are just too many things you can do at Phuket, especially just for a 3-day excursion, but another must-see is Phuket Fantasea where you can be part of a carnival or watch the Vegas-styled theatrical show. Of course, you can choose again from 5-star luxury – deluxe and superior rooms with sea view, pool villas in the wilderness of the rainforest, residences and many more. Look for the packages with promotional offers. Rates start from AED 4402 for travelers from Dubai, and if you fly from Abu Dhabi, the prices you are paying start from only AED 3774.

Before booking a Beach Holiday package, you should know that all the rates are for one person, and for one night, and include a breakfast, room taxes and service charges. To find the offers, visit QatarAirways.com, and the airline’s Holidays Page in particular.


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