2013 Golden Globes Debunks Fashion Myths



The Golden Globes 2013 will be remembered with the huge success of Argo and Les Miserables, Jodie Foster’s emotional speech and, of course, the red carpet fashion parade. Hollywood stars showed off their designer outfits, million-dollar bling and made the headlines. Some celebrities even managed to break a few stereotypes and fashion myths with their choice of outfit. We will now discuss five of the fashion myths that were forever erased at this year’s Golden Globes.

Anne-Hathaway-Golden-Globes-2013Myth #1 – Pale colours are bland

It was believed that pale colours are too bland for the red carpet and especially for a flashy event like the Golden Globe Awards. Well, a number of talented actresses proved that wrong. Les Mis star Anne Hathaway and Kerry Washington looked stunning in their white dresses. There were also celebrities that showed up in pastel tones. Among them were Jessica Chastain, Amanda Seyfried, Rosario Dawson and Hayden Panettiere. Although not all of them received the title best dressed, this colour certainly looked good on them.

Myth #2 – Black makes no fashion statement

Another controversial colour on the red carpet is black. Most stylists claim that black is too traditional, unoriginal and, therefore, it cannot make a big fashion statement. Wrong again! Actresses who debunked this myth at the 2013 Golden Globes were Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and Helen Mirren. However, the best looking lady in black was the ever charming Kate Hudson. The actress wore an all-black Alexander McQueen gown with a slight train and long sleeves. Amazing!

Myth #3 – Only Angelina Jolie can strike a leg pose

At the 2012 Oscars, Angelina Jolie stole the show with an attention-seeking leg-showing pose. Not long after that, the web was flooded with leg jokes and funny pictures. It was believed that after this global reaction, no one would ever dare to strike the leg pose again. However, a few days ago, at the Golden Globes, Lea Michele, Heidi Klum, Rose Huntington and Eva Longoria were brave enough to overexpose their legs for the cameras.

Jennifer-Lopez-Golden-Globes-2013Myth #4 -Lace is delicate and stylish

Lace was very popular in 2012 and it also invaded the bridal fashion. This fabric is considered to give a more delicate, pure and trendy look. But that definitely wasn’t the case with the dresses of Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Dockery and Emily Blunt.

Myth #5 – V-neck outfits are old-fashioned

Apart from the leg showing, there was another sexy element at the 2013 Golden Globes – the V-neck. Many considered V-neck dresses to be outdated. However, the gowns of Julia Roberts, Amy Poehler and Katherine McPhee showed otherwise.


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