Silver trendier than ever


Sterling silver fashion jewelry has increased its popularity over the past few years and there are good reasons for that – the high prices of gold as well as the refined nature of silver.

As the market for gold has narrowed because of its high prices and the recent economic recession, nowadays the white metal is the preferred option for people who buy jewelry. Moreover, gold is often considered to be tacky or downright gaudy, while silver is more refined and unpretentious. Silver jewelries are suitable for ladies of all ages and all tastes and they are much easier to be combined with clothes in different styles and colors.

What is more, with silver you can choose between a greater variety of options. Stones, for example, usually look attractive in rings only, but silver looks exquisitely beautiful in every form it is being used. You can easily find silver chains, necklaces, rings, earrings, anklets or bracelets. Mature ladies who try to avoid extremely dazzling gold jewelry or extra heavy stones would also find silver a good alternative.

Silver jewelry is more easily found than any other types of jewelry because of the increased mining of silver in past few years. Silver is made sterling by adding around 7% of copper to at least 92.5% of pure silver. Usually pure silver is soft and it is not appropriate for the production of jewelry but after mixing with copper, it becomes strong. Moreover, it is much more affordable than gold and platinum.

Last but not least, when you buy sterling silver jewelry, you are never at a loss. Such jewelry may become even more shining and glowing with the passage of time. Due to its luminous effect in the dark, it would be the perfect choice to wear it at night parties.

Silver has many advantages to gold and other metals and that is why it is trendier than ever. Moreover, every woman deserves a beautiful piece of jewelry, even those of us who cannot afford to pay a lot of money.



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