Oscars Fashion: Actresses to compete for Best Red Carpet gown



2012 Oscar nominations announced in January

The Oscars is a pivotal moment in an actor’s or actresses’ career. It is the most-coveted award in a business littered with competition and hurdles. The Oscars represents that crowning moment of glory, making it all the exhausting auctions, 18-hour filming days and scathing reviews worth it. Winning an Academy Awards solidifies one’s position in Hollywood history.

The 2012 Oscar nominations were announced in January. Top contenders include “The Artist,” “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” “The Iron Lady” and “The Descendants.”

Not only is the Academy Awards a glorious celebration of art, it is a celebration of fashion.

Each year actresses step out in the most stunning ensembles created by some of the world’s most renowned designers. Hollywood is so revered for its magic. The fashions on the carpet echo that fantastical nuance.

And dressing for the Oscars is no small feat.

Emily Blunt’s stylist says the women of Hollywood are “already setting up” what dresses they are going to wear to the Oscars.

The prestigious awards ceremony is the perfect opportunity for the beauties of the big screen to adorn themselves with the world’s most prominent designer gowns.

Jessica Paster dresses a host of stars including Emily, Hilary Duff and Dakota Fanning, and says that the pressure is already on ahead of the Oscars ceremony.

“I can promise you that these girls are already setting up who they want to wear to the Academy Awards,” she said in an interview with WWD.

Jessica also acknowledged favouritism in the fashion sphere.

The stylist expressed her disappointment at top designers’ unwillingness to work with actresses who aren’t considered the most attractive.
“I want to see some of the designers be more open-minded and not be so very vapid,” she added.

George Kotsiopoulos dresses Freida Pinto, and is clued-up when it comes to dress exclusivity. He says the biggest stars are quick to secure exclusives with the designers of their choice.
“There are a lot of exclusives, so the list of go-to designers is becoming smaller and smaller,” he revealed. “Even if you are a huge star and you call Versace or Valentino, they may tell you they already have an exclusive, so that already rules out those collections. It is getting a lot more difficult.”

George also suspects that actresses will fail to make fashion risks on the Academy Awards red carpet.
“If you want to sell yourself as a serious actress, it may not be the best idea to wear the craziest outfits to award shows,” he said.

“I get why people play it safe. There is so much at stake now. People are selling themselves as brands.”


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