Zedan Polo, Abu Dhabi fight for Polo Silver Cup 2012



 Silver Cup 2012 comes to an end today with the final match between Zedan Polo and Abu Dhabi.

The main field of Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club will be set up from midday to receive the final day of the Polo  Silver Cup.

At 2.30 pm Habtoor Polo and Mahra Polo Team will play the first match for the Subsidiary Final. Both teams already met in the qualifying round with Mohammed Al Habtoor´s team winning by 6-4. The battle between Al Habtoor brothers will sure offer an exciting match.

At 4.30 pm Zedan Polo and Abu Dhabi will jump to the main field to play the definitive game of the tournament. They will have to make their best and put in practice all their skills if they want to lift the trophy.

Nachi Heguy will be the man to watch in Zedan Polo team. His great performance in the semifinals, where we saw all his talent, gives Amr Zedan´s team an added value. On Faris Al Yabhouni´s side, teamwork is the main weapon with Argentinian polo players Alfredo Cappella, Pato Neves and Sebastián Borghi as the main column.

Both teams will be face to face for the first time in the tournament so there will be major expectation.


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