Global Village breaks a new record in visitors number



  • Afghani Performance witnessing an unprecedented turnout and the interaction of thousands of public

Global Village, a member of TECOM Investments and the first family entertainment destination in the Middle East witnessed a new record on Friday with the arrival of more than 120 thousand visitors since two o’clock noon especially from neighboring Gulf states, and who thought that the Global Village opens since early morning, where large numbers of delegations gathered at all gates, where the use of an additional number of organizers and staff was needed to regulate the entry of visitors.

The parking areas were completely full and parking of senior figures opened to the public, as well as a, b, c, d parking sections were fully loaded and paid parking was opened for free to the public to absorb the growing numbers of audience. Global Village has also seen a significant revival in the shopping activities and restaurants and all cafeterias and kiosks were completely full since seven in the evening.

Global Village confirmed that the Afghani performance which lasted for an hour and a half has witnessed an incomparable heavy presence of the Afghani public and from all nationalities, where the public interacted in a stunning way and Global Village theaters were open to the public, who expressed their delight in the concert in many ways.

Global Village noted that the diversity of activities provided and the major changes it witnessed this year made it the favorite destination for families, especially in the weekend, where the Global Village provides different options to the public who headed to spend a good time in Global village area.

It is worth mentioning that since launching Global Village in 1997, it became one of the most important regional leading destinations, which includes rich cultural & civilized diversity, as well includes a variety of restaurants and shops from around the world, where it is classified as the most prominent & family entertaining destination in the region.

For more information on offers and events please visit the website you can also see all the offers on Global Village channel which broadcasts 24 hours online or call 043 624 114.


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