Kardashian sisters put “heart and souls” into fashion designing



The Kardashian sisters put their “heart and soul[s]” into fashion designing.

TV beauties Kim, Kourtney and Khloé have collaborated with designer Bruno Schiavi on their new Kardashian Kollection fashion range.

Bruno says his concerns about conflicts between the siblings were soon put to rest when he saw how dedicated they were to style.
“It’s so funny because when I first started working with the girls I thought, ‘Oh my God, were going to have three girls, three different opinions, very, very stylish, sophisticated, glamorous women that are all going to want to design something totally different. How is this going to work?’” he mused in an interview with Celebuzz.com. “The great thing about them is that they do have their own personal sense of style. They are very unique in whom they are but at the same time, they do come together as sisters and they to tend to agree on most things because they have the same vision. They really have a passion for fashion.
“Working over the past 12 months with the girls, I’ve really realised that they put their heart and soul into everything they do.”

Bruno loves how involved the sisters are in the fashion designing process. The fashionista says their input is a refreshing change, having worked with so many celebrities who leave the hard work to him.
“From the minute we start putting the new boards together for the new collection to the time we select the button or the colour of the thread on the jeans that were doing or how we are going to be photographing the home collection — these girls are so involved,” he gushed.
“That’s why I love working with them. I work with a lot of celebrities, and to me, unless you really have that fire and that passion for fashion, it won’t work.
“When you look at our collection, you can see that there is something for Khloé, there’s something for Kourtney, and there’s something for Kim, but then there is something that all three of them will wear at the same time.”

Kim recently tweeted her anticipation ahead of the new Kardashian fashion range. The beauty took to the social networking site to express her delight.
“So excited for our denim and swimwear collections! (sic)” she wrote.


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