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If your ideal home is modern and sleek, here’s your guide to putting together a futuristic yet aesthetically stylish sanctuary that is classy, hip and definitely beautiful.

Futuristic Home 1It is quite easy to visually identify a modern home with its highly conceptualized interiors. There has been a shift from the steely, chrome looks that have dominated the contemporary market whereby sharp, sleek cuts are now paired with delicate and sensual accents. Rooms are expansive and clutter-free, yet carefully chosen accessories soften the look that could easily appear clinical without them. Drapes that delicately match the interior without being overbearing or intrusive, feminine colors with masculine aesthetics – everything is seamlessly balanced and harmonious. Although there is a strong sense of geometry which leans on sharp angular lines that is the essence of any modern home, it is accompanied by softer fabrics and accessories. The subtle whispers of light seeping through the windows, diffused by the chiffon drapes lend an extra artistic flavor to the room.

The art of creating a modern look is striking the balance between minimalistic beauty and artful accessories: elegant vases, intricate mirrors, a variety of lighting. Even wonderfully decadent chandeliers can lend a new dimension to the modern room. Traditional grandeur with a futuristic twist oozes understated glamor. For those wary of ornate and interesting light fixtures however, spotlights are the obvious substitute as they throw diffused light on art pieces, creating a surreal effect. The color palette found in a modern home varies with individual tastes. Gone are the days of boring magnolia with laminate floors however.

Fururistc BathroomNow, it’s all about colours: greys, purples, greens and browns. Everything that is simple and classy goes, including the odd print so long as it is used sparingly, just for a feature wall or an accent area for example. If you’re nervous about experimenting with polka dots, stripes and florals, stick to plain colours. Most modern interiors are known for their style; interior materials that are imaginative yet very practical, such as cork flooring, which is found to be one of the more popular for its durability and uniqueness. Courtyards seen through glass doors, walls and mirrors to reflect exterior views, all encourage a relationship between the occupants and nature. Rooms exhibit clean lines with lots of built-ins and cabinets; and nothing is extravagant or ostentatious. Nothing is overdone in a modern home; everything is kept at a bare minimum. Doors are simple and the landscape is important, but very minimal with importance on quality rather than quantity. The ambience is, some times, very Zen-like. It needs little imagination to understand why the concept of modern style is here to stay.

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