Grey Market Apple Watch in UAE – Buy or Not!


Early Availability – The second main advantage of grey market products is that they arrive before their official release date. So, the most impatient consumers can get their hands on the gadget around the same time as consumers in the U.S.

Original and Not Fake – The grey market Apple Watch is not a fake or a replicate version of the original product simply because it is the original thing.


No Official Warranty – Do not expect to get an original warranty with your Apple Watch. Even if you do, it will be valid in the U.S., but not in the UAE. Still, there are some retailers that will give you a local warrant.

Scam Dangers – There are many grey market dealers that have a good reputation. However, there are also plain scammers that do not have an actual retail business in the area, but simply try to make money through grey market deals. They will not give you a local warranty and they will charge you two or three times higher than other grey market stores.

Lower Service Quality – Scammers are also not likely to offer you a good consumer service. They will push you to give your money right away by telling you that was the last unit or that another consumer was willing to pay more than you.

Lack of Product Updates – Some companies may stop launching firmware updates to products that have been purchased through the grey market. Imagine if the Apple Watch comes with a few bugs. That is quite possible. After all, this is Apple’s first smartwatch. Not being able to receive an update to fix these early-day bugs could be quite irritating.

Bottom Line

Getting a product from a grey market store has some advantages. Nevertheless, you are not guaranteed to enjoy all of those benefits. Original price is one of them. In addition, latest rumours suggest that Apple’s smartwatch will officially arrive in the United Arab Emirates by the end of July, which is just two months from now.


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