Murdoch University Dubai bolsters UAE education with new English gateway program


International students have the opportunity to pursue higher education English faster and enhance their provision of the language, thanks to a new course at Murdoch University Dubai.

The English Language Programs (ELP) offers a gateway to students who do not currently meet entry requirements for undergraduate or postgraduate courses, but wish to study at that level.

Students can now apply for the Academic English and General English ELP courses, which start on Sunday 10th March.

The Academic English course focuses on academic proficiency and literacy, preparing students for the complexities of higher education, enabling them to become confident and independent learners. The General English course is ideal for those wanting to improve their confidence in conversational English and learn real-world skills for living, travelling and working abroad. Both courses focus on writing, listening, reading and speaking; with additional critical thinking and employability skills modules for Academic English students.  

Murdoch University Dubai endeavors to increase its international student intake and promote the UAE as a destination for unrivaled education, by offering valuable opportunities that better prepare students for their future endeavors.

General Manager Justin Blake said: “The ELP is essentially a fast-track pass to the English language. As the primary language in so many countries across the globe, this really is a fantastic opportunity for students to equip themselves for the future.

“At Murdoch University Dubai, we put students at the heart of everything we do to enable them to become future leaders and make a difference to the world. With students from countries such as China, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria and Indonesia, it’s important that our offer continually evolves and is truly global.

“We feel lucky to be based in such an inspirational country and a cultural melting pot. We strongly support 2019 as the UAE’s Year of Tolerance by creating an environment in which international students come together to learn, share and grow, to create memories and become the best version of themselves.

The demand for this course has been really high and we’re looking forward to receiving many more applications.”

For those interested in Academic English, a pre-course qualifying test is required to guarantee a place and speakers must be intermediate to advanced. For General English, there is no minimum entry requirement, although beginners are advised to contact the university for study advice.

In addition to ELP, Murdoch University Dubai offers a range of foundation, diploma and graduate certificates, allowing students to naturally progress into undergraduate or postgraduate programs upon completion.


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