Freelancing pays better than traditional jobs and more will embrace it


Traditional workers are eyeing freelance gigs. Among non freelancers surveyed, three out of four said they would be open to doing freelance projects outside of work, if these were available. And more than one-third say they have already considered ditching their main job and going independent.

Many men are opting to freelance. Among freelancers, 60% are male, and 40% are women. (For comparison, 53% of U.S. workers are male and 47% are female). This may reflect the fact that men tend to outnumber women in small business ownership.

Flexibility and freedom remain powerful lures. The overwhelming reasons for freelancing among full-time independent workers are flexibility and being their own boss. Caregiving responsibilities for family members play a big role in drawing people to freelancing, with 46% of freelancers citing that as a factor in why they freelance.

Freelancers want politicians to pay attention to them. In the survey, 86% said they will likely vote in the general election and 62% said they’d opt for a candidate who supports their interests as a freelancer. The top two concerns among freelancers were the high cost of healthcare and unpredictable income.

Many feel ignored right now, with 63% saying they’d welcome more discussion about how to empower freelancers.

Freelancers are ready or some policies that help their lives.


  1. Freelancing is the way to go in the times of gig economy. People don’t want to stick to one task for the rest of their life. We are in a constant search for variety and possibilities to transcend global borders. Online marketplaces for freelancers are going to offer more and more advanced options for gig lovers.


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