In the U.S. and the UK, Halal foods can be very hard to find – they are usually offered at Middle Eastern shops and a very few grocery chains. So, shopping for halal food online can be your only chance to buy these foods, whether you are a Muslim, or just preparing a dinner for your friends.

Specialty foods such as gluten-free meals, sugar- and fat-free foods for diabetics, Vegetarian and Vegan, organic produce, low-sodium, and so on, are already available at nearly every grocery store in the neighborhood. But Halal eating is more complicated – there aren’t many Halal meat processing plants and manufacturers and dedicated stores are still limited. Halal isn’t only free of pork and alcohol; there are many other requirements, which make Halal eating difficult (in the Western world, at least), but one of the healthiest and most humane today.

Muslims, as well as anyone who wants to make sure of eating high-quality, wholesome food can now buy Halal delicacies from the specialty Amazon Grocery & Gourmet Food store. It sells different frozen meats, packaged soups, noodles, desserts and candy, salts and spices, teas, and many others. Here you can purchase great treats such as Gyro meats and sauces, Vegetarian foods, healthy organic sweets, cooking oils, flour mixes, snacks, and many others. There are traditional meals such as kebabs, Turkish soujouks, Arabic almond-stuffed dates, humus, Turkeroni (Halal version of pepperoni), and many others.

When you are shopping from the Halal section at Amazon, you need to know that most items have Halal Products Certification. There isn’t such a great variety, but the number of products is astonishing (nearly 1,500) compared to what is offered at other, even specialized shops. Many of the foods are eligible for free shipping, as well as for the Subscribe & Save option on the website. It allows you to save up to 15% off the value of your order just by scheduling monthly deliveries of various items – packaged foods, spices, soaps, and other personal care products.

Currently, the Halal store on Amazon is still far from perfect, but it is the best solution, especially if you aren’t living in a large city with big Muslim communities and many Halal-only retailers. Moreover, it’s one of the most affordable options to buy Halal food online, so check it as soon as you can.


  1. Dear Muslims readers pls kindly note that “KOSHER FOOD” is the same Quality as “HALAL” and it is available all over USA , CANADA, SOUTH AMERICAS , Australia , All over Europe , and beside that most Airlines are serving KOSHER MEALS upon early reservations .

    In addition Jews Know that in the case they cannot find “Kosher food” , they can eat freely in Shops, and or RESTAURANTS that are selling HALAL food .


    Enjoy “Kosher “and or Halal Food !

    Yours faithfully.


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