Dubai Expo 2020 Jobs Update


Architectural Impression of Al Wasl Plaza Dubai Expo 2020

Preparation works on the Expo 2020 site in Dubai’s Jebel Ali have already begun, but people are still wondering – when the actual construction of the new venue will start and most importantly, how many people will be hired? The mega event is highly anticipated and expected to boost Dubai’s economy and employment market, creating up to 300,000 new jobs across various sectors. Well, it’s already 2015, so where are all these?

It’s been more than a year since Dubai won the bid for hosting World Expo 2020 and work on the site has begun, prepping the 438-hectare area for the fine construction, which is set to commence in November this year. In August 2014, the Expo Preparatory Committee announced the appointment of a consortium to handle the design and planning work of the Registration phase. This consortium, made up by American architecture and engineering firm HOK and London-headquartered consulting company Arup, is involved in the development of buildings, pavilions, landscaping, and so on. In November, the actual Expo venue will start to take shape, while its completion is scheduled for October 2019. Architects and designers from international companies are already relocating to Dubai in order to commence their new employment contracts.

Infrastructure plans include the creating of new, extension of the metro rail link, as well as building of new hotels, residential area, retail and corporate buildings, and so on. Investment in infrastructure is expected to reach around $8 billion and large number of people will be employed in the different projects. In addition, many volunteers will be involved in hosting the event.

However, thousands of new jobs are to be created within various industries, as well. In fact, people already apply for approximately 30,000 positions on the Expo 2020 Fans website. The site promises to link job seekers and employers through a simple registration. But some people complain that the website is a total scam, so before submitting a resume, containing personal information, one should check and verify it.

Either way, Expo 2020 is expected to create between 250,000 and 300,000 across various sectors, but construction, tourism and hospitality will benefit the most. The event will contribute to the city’s and the region’s economy. Bank of America Merrill Lynch predicted it could generate a boost to the local economy of up to $23 billion. So, even if doesn’t prompt the creation of 300,000 new jobs, the number will probably be in the range of at least 100,000, while at least 30,000 jobs will be directly a result of the new Expo projects.


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