Jobs That are Most Likely to Get Salary Raise in 2015



Will you get a salary raise in 2015? This question is never easy to answer. However, a series of new researches make predictions on which jobs are most likely to get a salary boost this year.

Technology professionals are most likely to get a substantial salary increase in 2015. Less fortunate will be people working in the legal, as well as in the administrative and office support field.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that the remaining fields and sectors will witness no salary movement. As a matter of fact, Robert Half’s researchers created a list of jobs predicted not only to have the best shot at getting a salary raise, but also enjoying an increase of a substantial amount. This ranking features professions from various sectors.

Top jobs with a most probable salary raise to watch in 2015:

  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Data Architect
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Mobile Designer
  • Lawyer (with experience of over 10 years)
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Sr. Business System Analysts
  • Staff Accountant (with experience of between 1 to 3 years)]
  • Compliance Officer
  • Content Strategist

At the very top are mobile application developers. They tend to be very very well-paid over the past  few years. The annual salary of many of them is predicted to jump by nearly $50,000! Data architects, on the other hand, could get a raise of $45,000, followed by chief security officers and mobile designers. You can still catch the train and learn how to make mobile apps with a few live lessons from here.

Still, this year, experience is one of the factors that will guarantee you a salary increase. For instance, lawyers with experience of more than 10 years in the field will be better paid compared to their colleagues. Similar will be the situation with staff accountants. In addition, the higher the rank, the bigger the salary will be. Although many of the business system analysts are expected to receive a salary raise this year, it only those at the senior level will enjoy a substantial salary increase.

Researchers conclude that the most successful professionals will be those who can be flexible and who can work at the so-called hybrid positions. These job posts usually require a greater set of skills and are a combination of two or more jobs. They can be particualry stressful for employees since they require more multitasking and come with big workload. Companies, on the other hand, have preference for them since they save them time and money.

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