Dubai Becomes Magnet for Hottest Music Artists of Our Time


Last week, Dubai saw unprecedented fan frenzy over the upcoming 2015’s show of one the biggest teenage pop bands right now, One Direction. Eccentric pop diva Lady Gaga, as well as the world’s largest dance music event, Sensation will hit the city this fall. From a traditional spot for “classic” artists, Dubai has become a powerful magnet for today’s hottest music artists.

The most anticipated music event to take place in Dubai this year is Lady Gaga’s gig this September. The musical phenomenon, known for her shocking performances and outfit choices, has included a Dubai date in her artRAVE world tour, supporting her latest album ARTPOP. Her controversial style and manners has already earned her a ban from Indonesia for fear of corrupting the youth, so many doubted a Dubai show was even possible. However, the “Poker Face” singer is still coming! It was announced that her concert will be self-censored to respect the cultural sensitivity and conservative attitudes.

It seems Dubai starts receiving a lot more attention than it did a few years ago. Artists like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga would be typically least to be expected in Dubai and yet, it is happening. In fact, Bieber supposedly liked the emirate so much, that he decided to buy a house or apartment here. It won’t be a big surprise, considering how many Hollywood stars and international celebrities own ultra-luxury, multi-million villas and mansions in Dubai – Brad Pitt, Tiger Woods, Robert De Niro, Kate Hudson, David and Victoria Beckham, Hilary Swank, and Jamie Oliver are only some of the stars that can call the city their second home.

It is getting bigger and better in Dubai – Sensation, which turned into the largest and most popular indoor dance event is also coming in the emirate this year. It attracts thousands of electronic dance music fans at global cities including New York, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Barcelona, and many others. And the October Sensation will be the first to be held in the Middle East and the North Africa region, which is a huge success for Dubai – finally, it enters the global stage of electronic music.

But what stirred Dubai fans the most was definitely the announcement for One Direction concert in the emirate next year. The English-Irish boy band that shot to world fame thanks to the British TV singing competition The X Factor are currently the hottest pop band across the globe. The IFPI selected them as Top Global Artists of 2013 and since their founding in 2010 the band has received multiple awards and accolades. They are young, they are hot and loved by everyone, and they are definitely coming to Dubai next spring. In fact, even tickets for Bieber’s show didn’t sell so well. Half of the tickets for the band’s gig were sold in just couple of days.

And even though One Direction are taking their music more seriously than Justin Bieber, for instance, who is globally known for his childish behavior and silly stunts, the Brits also manage to create some outrageous news. They are now criticized for various out of the norm incidents, which definitely doesn’t fit in their previous image as good role models for young people. While some of the fans showed their support for the band, others posted photos of themselves burning the tickets for One Direction show.

So, how will Dubai fans react to their idol’s bad behavior? We guess the tickets for April’s gig will soon sell out, so if you are planning to see them live one day, go get one for yourself.


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