Fashion For All 2014 Celebrates Beauty of every Woman on International Woman’s Day



  • Fifth installment of the show to take place this year on 8th March 2014

International Women’s Day 2014, will not only commemorate an important celebration of Women across the globe, but also mark the fifth installment of Fashion For All, the only fashion show in the Middle East, welcoming those of all walks of life, ethnicities, sizes and ages, this year taking place at Fairmont the Palm.
Guests of the show are invited to marvel at the natural beauty of models ranging from four to sixty years of age, and from over 20 Nationalities and various professional backgrounds.

Leading up to the final show the models undergo an intensive training program, which helps build their confidence, their walk, stance and also includes various talks and workshops from professionals in different industries. With talks from experts in industries such as, Fashion, Media, Beauty, Fitness, Nutrition, Yoga and Psychology, models are given advice and guidance not only to help them in the run up to the show, but lessons in life itself. The catwalk coach Alefia Tambawala, has been training FFA models for the past 5 years and says “There is nothing more rewarding then offering people the tools and skills to make their dreams come true; every woman is beautiful and FFA offers them a stage to show the world just that!”

Fashion For All this year will also have live performances by Fura Ajmal; a rising local talent that will perform for the audience and that’s not all, this year the show will have a special Dance Piece by the Fashionista Girls, another local talent that w2w has discovered in the region.

Fashion For All 2014, coincides this year on International Women’s day, and encourages women to celebrate their natural beauty. The show will take place on the 8th March at 7pm at one of Dubai’s most well-known hotels, Fairmont the Palm.


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