Valentine’s Fashion Picks: Sparkle with Elegant Jewelry



There’s only a week until Valentine’s Day, one of the greatest and certainly the most romantic day of the year. Everyone wants to look at their best, especially the ladies, who of course, will put on some really special outfit and style their hair like movie stars. But will it be enough? Impress your date and sparkle with elegant jewelry pieces on your most romantic night for a truly unforgettable experience!

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From a fashion point of view, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to wear lace, as well as the colour of romance and passion, red. But it is also the perfect day to add some delicate, romantic style to your look with a few simple, yet irresistible accessories and jewelry pieces. The choice of jewelry is critical, whether you are expecting a proposal or not, so see some great fashion picks for Valentine’s Day, which will add grace and romantic feel to your outfit, without looking flashy and pretentious.

Choose an exquisite earring pair. This will be the most visible piece of jewelry on the Valentine’s dinner, as your husband or boyfriend will be staring at your eyes and face throughout the entire evening. Large, extravagant models and bright colours should be avoided. Instead, you should choose delicate and gentle studs or smaller cuffs, which will subtly glow with beauty with every movement of your face. Forget about expensive precious stones like diamonds, unless you are willing to pay huge sums of money. A great alternative is the cubic zirconia, which is the synthetic twin of the diamond – it is just as attractive and sparkling as the diamond, but more durable and a lot more affordable. Earrings, adorned with Swarovski crystals are also incredibly beautiful and can be worn at various occasions.

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Be careful when choosing the ring. For many couples, Valentine’s Day turn out to be the day of their engagement. If this stage of your relationship is long gone in the past or nowhere to be seen in the future, you have nothing to worry about. Treat yourself with a lovely brand-new ring that will sparkle on your finger. Choose something to complement your dress and overall look and stay true to your individual style. Of course, besides the traditional gold and silver, there are many other options for beautiful, quality and reasonable-priced ring. Often gold-plated brass is just as attractive, so focus on the stone. Here you can afford more colourful rhinestones, oversized crystals, different shapes and bold designs. One of the most powerful trends for rings and jewelry right now is the rose gold tone in alternative to the classic yellow gold. In addition, rose gold rings can be decorated with more colourful stones, especially in the red and pink hues, which is ideal for Valentine’s Day.

Match the necklace to your entire jewelry set. It will be the largest accessory and it will look great if it has the same design as your earrings for example. Avoid big pendants and large sizes – the necklace should simply highlight your beautiful dress and neckline.

These simple tips will help you look stunning at the romantic dinner with your loved one. Just remember not to choose too large and too noticeable pieces of jewelry or fashion accessories – everything must feel graceful, exquisite and romantic.


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