Small Business Turns Mobile


Mobile devices like tablet PCs and smartphones are not useful only in our daily lives. They have the ability to speed up various business activities. That is why many small business owners now turn to the latest technology in attempt to boost productivity, growth, accessibility, marketing and management of their company.

Most owners of small businesses rely on one or two mobile channels at the least. However, it is important that they should harness most of the main mobile advantages if they want to keep on track with the modern business world and go ahead of competition.

Let us now take a look at the main mobile channels and how small business can get advantage on mobile applications.

Mobile Meetings

Mobile meetings are no longer confined to a small room packed with people. Now you can keep in touch with your employees and partners even when you are on the go. Mobile applications and video call platforms can allow you to organize virtual business meetings. In addition, this is a great solution when you face a technical problem in the office, for example.

Mobile Calendar

Did you know that you could save a good amount of money on secretaries and assistants if you have a mobile calendar? There are various online platforms and apps for this. They can synchronize your information on all of your devices, including your office computers, your personal PCs, your smartphones and tablets. Calendar applications also offer many additional options which you can use to create to-do lists or even record voice notes.

Mobile Consumer Service

There are also special applications that will provide you with information about your different clients and the tasks you have done or need to do for them. This will enable you to offer services that are more efficient. In addition, thanks to such softwares, they will be able to connect with you whenever they want or to simply follow the progress of your work.

Mobile Marketing

A mobile marketing strategy that is currently gaining a vide popularity in Dubai is the SMS marketing. Marketing through text messages allows businesses to conduct more personalized marketing campaigns. Also, customers are more easily reachable via SMS than email any time and anywhere. Just remember to limit the marketing efforts to once a week or only occasionally for best results!

Mobile Payment

Although not many people rely on mobile payments through NFC, there are many consumers who use mobile apps to pay for services. Therefore, make sure you provide this option to your clients. Don’t limit them to outdated practices. The future belongs to mobile payments and it is better to be amongst the first who adopt the practice.

Mobile Payroll

You can incorporate mobile technology in the payroll process. There are various web platforms with mobile versions and apps that can be of help. With them, you will make better calculations and in that way avoid unnecessary mistakes. Also, these solutions will save you a lot of precious time.

As you can see, the mobile world can assist small businesses on many levels. Business owners should not be afraid to rely on mobile applications since their clients and a big part of their rivals already do.


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