Mobile Job Search Registered a 95% Rise, Report Says



Until recently, mobile technology was seen mostly as a source of personal entertainment. People mainly used their smartphones and tablets PCs to browse the web and download various types of applications. However, the tendencies are now changing. Mobile devices are becoming more useful since they offer constant access to the web no matter the time or the place.

As a result, an increasing number of people are now searching for jobs through their mobile gadgets. Moreover, with the rise of mobile versions of career websites and job search applications, this trend is expected to establish even more.

A new study has found that only for the past one year, the amount of mobile job seekers have jumped with the amazing 95%. This curious discovery was made by Snagajob in its “Counter Intelligence: The Snagajob Services Industry Hiring Report.” The study was conducted between the period April 2012 and March 2013.

The impressive rise of 95% in the number of users who rely on mobile devices to look for a job was registered just in a matter of a year. Nevertheless, the report has also found one strange contradiction to this trend. According to Snagajob, although mobile job seekers greatly increased, job applications send via mobile devices did not rise proportionally to that. As a matter of fact, applications sent vie desktop computers continue to be more than those send via mobile devices. The report explains that this is not because mobile users are more picky and selective. The truth was that job seekers find desktop applying easier than mobile. Smartphones and tablets do offer more features to applicants. However, they are not that user-friendly as laptops and PCs.

The report also points that job seekers prefer to use their mobile gadgets only for browsing job offers on social media websites, career websites or apps. Once they have found an offer that meets their requirements, they go home and apply for it through their desktop computer.

Snagajob is positive that smartphones and tables will one day be even more useful and popular in the job search process. Nevertheless, in order that to happen, the report states that developers, technology manufacturers and websites designers need to improve job applying via mobile devices and make it easier than it is currently.

This study on mobile job search is just one more proof that mobile devices are the future of modern technology.


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