Why Buy Zirconia Instead of Diamond Jewelry



Women, and occasionally men, never get tired of looking for beautiful, stylish and trendy jewelry. Men, in particular, may feel uncertain and a little desperate when it comes to choosing jewelry, but worries, because we can tell you what all women love. It is no secret and even songs and movies have been dedicated to women’s jewelry preferences. Diamonds will always be girls best friends!

Diamonds are among the most expensive jewels in the world, because of their stunning beauty, rareness in nature and the store of value. Since early times, jewels have been used as an expression of one’s wealth and status in life, but also have been symbols of romantic love.

Shining 18KGP AAA Zirconia Ring Set Naturally, women adore gemstones and mostly diamonds, although most can’t really afford multiple diamond jewelry pieces. Therefore, their best alternative is cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia is considered to be the best diamond look-alike ever created, because of its visual resemblance to the diamond. The distinctive brilliance of this stone is what makes it what one of the most loved and preferred gemstones by ladies. Furthermore, its low cost and durability are essential aspects when purchasing jewelry.

But where to find zirconia in Dubai? You don’t need to waste time in wandering around Dubai’s almost countless shopping malls and jewelry stores. Online shopping is the best option, quick, convenient and saves money. What’s more, the prices are far more affordable than in retail stores.

item_XL_4945430_1589421We have selected a few zirconia jewelry pieces which are perfect for most women collections. They are also available for online purchase and will be delivered to your preferred address in Dubai, or anywhere in the UAE.

The Classical & Luxurious Rhodium Plated CZ Jewelry Set is an extra delicate pearl cut, zirconia set of necklace and earrings combining the luxury look of the stone with the white elegance of polished brass.

Matching ring sets are suitable to complete a stylish outfit. Here is another suggestion for a ring set – the diamond shape of the cubic zirconia in the Rhodium Plated AAA Zirconia Ring Set is absolutely irresistible.


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