Unbeatable Cyber Offer: Samsung Chromebook goes for $249 only



Amazon.com has a great Christmas gift suggestion for its users during the Cyber Monday Deals Week. The biggest online retailer now offers a 11.6” Samsung Chromebook for only $249. This is the best possible price for such laptop across all online and retails stores we know. Just think, for 1000 Dirhams you can get a premium Samsung laptop, with latest design. No matter where you are, in Dubai or Mumbai, you can order it with a click of the mouse and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Samsung’s laptop runs on the Google Chrome OS operating system. That is why it is cheaper that other computer devices. In addition, this Chromebook works faster than any other laptop and it has one of the quickest startup processes on the market.

Samsung’s device also has an impressive 2GB of RAM memory and a hard drive with a 16GB memory capacity. The device is also very trendy since it is quite slim ad light. And if that is not enough, Samsung Chromebook comes in a stylish silver colour.

The computer is suitable for all types of users. It works perfectly on both business and private environments. Another thing you should know about this innovative computer is that it offers easy access to products like Gmail, YouTube, Google Search and hangouts.

Also, the Samsung Chromebook has an option for multiple users. It other words, you can share the computer with other people from your household. The operating system can store and personalize more than one user profile. That makes Chromebook the ideal home computer.

Probably one of the best things about this Samsung device is its mechanism. It is built using a new generation technology which keeps the computer cool without the use of any fans. So, if you choose to buy the Chromebook, you’d get one very quiet piece of electronics.

Among Samsung Chromebook’s other features are also a dual-band Wi-Fi 2 USB ports, an HDMI port and a built-in camera.

Also, if the memory capacity of this device is not enough for you, Google will give you an additional 100GB storage space on Google Drive for two years. In that way, your files will be with you everywhere you go. Amazing, isn’t it?


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