Diane von Furstenberg: Travel inspires me


Diane von Furstenberg sometimes feels like a “thief” when she gets inspired by something.

The fashion designer has been in the business for several decades and has created everything from clothes and perfume to a hotel.

The 65-year-old gets ideas when she is visiting other countries, which she thinks helps her stay ahead of the game.

“My eye gets sharper and sharper all the time with experience and feeling. I’m always grabbing from here and there, and sometimes I feel like a thief with my eyes and my camera,” she told Vogue Australia.


Diane’s busy schedule also impacts her design process. She likes to travel light, which is always in her mind when she is coming up with new outfits.

“If you saw my suitcase, you would not believe it. I have the smallest suitcase of anyone, ever. That’s why my clothes are very packable and light. You’ve got very little, but you pack in a way that you can wear this with that. Of course, when you get to shoes and vitamins, that’s when you get in trouble,” she laughed.

Diane remains best known for creating her iconic wrap dress, which she is proud of. She came up with it in 1974 but insists she hasn’t taken a backseat in terms of her career since then.

“I am disciplined, but not to the level that I don’t allow for the unexpected. I say that if you’re serious at the base, you can afford to be frivolous on top. Always be open to the unexpected,” she said.


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