Shell looks out for a GameChanger; Highlights Masdar City



Are you an alternative energy entrepreneur?

There are people who cannot stop dreaming up ideas to make things better. Still most of these ideas remain unexplored due to a lack of money, connections or guidance. Often many great ideas never get off the ground.

Shell is prepared to take risks and revolutionise the energy industry. Shell GameChanger is designed to provide funds, introduce entrepreneurs and innovators to the right people, and perhaps provide some useful advice.

If you have a creative mind and you believe your invention can transform the energy industry, perhaps you should be speaking to the GameChanger team at Shell. The company is looking to invest in novel, early stage ideas that could impact the Energy System to help you get them from your mind to “proof of concept.”

A great invention is timely and unique but needs fostering to develop and succeed in the marketplace.

GameChanger helps move ideas to reality by sponsoring entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into a product that can be introduced to the marketplace. Specifically, Shell looks for innovative ideas that address a demand or significant problem in the energy industry and have the potential to change the game. Ideas can range from new oil exploration techniques to improved production tools, or even new forms of energy.

In GameChanger, Shell is particularly interested in novel ideas across the energy system – from new sources of energy to improving efficiency or reducing the environmental impact of existing sources. The areas of focus include: increasing energy production; carbon management, energy conversion, storage and distribution; fuelling transportation.


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