Facebook to open Dubai office to seek advertisers?


Advertising on Facebook is a self service option

Facebook Inc., the social networking company that listed last week one of the largest initial public offerings in U.S. history, will open an office in Dubai next week. Or so some media reports claim. The  move  is aimed at capturing more advertisers from the Gulf Cooperation Council, or GCC region, online statements continue.

However, this may sound a little doubtful, considering that the combined population of the GCC countries is far smaller than the population of the already developed by the network markets.

Currently, advertising on Facebook targeting Abu Dhabi, for example, can cost you as little as $0,09 per click. This is one of the lowest rates seen for such type of advertisement. This fact may suggest that there is no enough advertisers to create high demand.

In addition, advertising on Facebook is a self service that doesn’t requere customer-care assistance. You can find the advertising option in the footer of the site and complete the steps in few minutes by yourself. Shortly after, your advertisement will be approved and displayed in front of the targeted audience.

However, the online report continues that Facebook’s Dubai office will focus on dealing with advertisers from the Gulf.

Facebook will set up in Dubai Internet City with an initial staff of three people. It’s official launch date is May 30, according to the reports.

Facebook shares in New York are currently in a free fall,  trading much below their initial public offering price of $38.

It is naive to believe that a Dubai-based Facebook office can help the company’s revenue rise. Moreover, Facebook’s revenue already registered a slump in the first quarter of 2012 over the previous quarter.

Facebook has some 30 offices worldwide, but doesn’t list any in the Arab world yet. It teamed with Cairo-based advertising company Connect Ads in 2010 to better reach advertisers in the region.


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