Clear aesthetic vision drives interior decoration business, Exclusive Interview


Not long ago, Dubai Chronicle has published an exclusive interview with Mr. Santosh Kothari, founder of Mira Fashion and Mondecor retail multi-stores. The simplicity and clarity of his aesthetic vision can be truly inspirational for entrepreneurs and creative professionals. It seems there is no need of heavy books with guidelines or costly training courses  to develop an unique test. Here is the transcript of our interview:

Q.: Running retail businesses, largely dependent on individual’s taste and vision suggests that you are Aesthete by nature. What is your personal style?

A.: I personally would like anything that is uncommon and different.

Q.: What is the website that inspires you most?

A.: No one particular website inspires me. I take inspiration from all the little things around me, it can be from a design on a shoe, or a carpet etc…

Q.: Do you read books? If ‘Yes”, what tittles one can find on the side-table of your bed?

A.: I am not a book reader at all.

Q.: What is your most recent “find”, something that have inspired you?

A.: My recent venture is into home decoration, as we have opened a store called “Mondecor”. Here again, we are trying to focus more on home accents. So this is  what inspires me to find new idea always.

Q.: What is the best gift you have ever received?

A.: I would not say it is a gift, but the best comment which I have received is when my customers say “we love your store!”

Q.: What is the best gift you have ever given?

A.: Cant think of…others must say.

Q.: If you collect or would collect anything, what would that be?

A.: Ideas (food for thought)!

Q.: From all the places, you have visited around the world, what is your favorite?

A.: I like the Far East, in particular.

Mondecor interior decoration store is located in the new industrial area of Ajman. For further information please call: 06 7480924


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