Banking on the future



The Emirates National Development Program (ENDP) and HSBC are coming together for an initiative that will, in the coming year, train and develop 200 UAE Nationals for placement in the banking sector.

ENDP, a program of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), is currently in the process of recruiting 100 job seekers each from the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah for a year-long training contact with the HSBC.

Prior to HSBC’s training, ENDP will provide the candidates with a nine week training that will cover work essentials. ENDP is conducting this training in cooperation with the National Institute for Vocational Education (NIVE).

After the nine weeks HSBC will provide them with the training for the rest of the year that will include a combination of classroom and on-job training. This training will introduce the job seekers to the essentials of banking in every department, providing them with a 360 view of the banking sector.

At the end of the training, HSBC will offer jobs to these candidates if a vacancy arises in the Northern Emirates and will offer jobs in Dubai provide the candidates can move to Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Scheduled to begin in the first week of October, the training seeks to address the unemployment issues faced by UAE Nationals in the Northern Emirates. Other than a commitment to complete the training, there is no age or education prerequisite that the candidates must fulfill. Candidates will also receive a monthly stipend that will cover their transportation and other costs. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of KHDA said, “Human development and lifelong learning are key to a country’s development irrespective of the sector. This training makes the workforce ready for the actual work place, encouraging the candidates to commit to learning and development.”

Essa Al Mulla, Director of ENDP said, “The selected candidates are keen to begin the year long training that will work in their favor when they seek jobs in the banking sector. 113 candidates from Fujairah and 74 candidates from Ras Al Khaimah have already signed the contracts. These include three people with disabilities. We look forward to seeing a well-trained work force at the end of the year.”

Abdul Fattah Sahraf, Regional CEO of Retail Banking at HSBC said, “Our sponsorship of NIVE’s financial services diploma is further evidence of the bank’s commitment to nurture the skills of young UAE Nationals seeking challenging jobs in the financial services industry.  As “The world’s local bank”, we truly believe HSBC is the best place to work. With a workforce of 330,000 globally and a superb track record of growth in the UAE and the region, career opportunities and development for UAE nationals are world-class”.


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