An Expert Advice on Black Friday Online Shopping, Christmas Gifts Choosing


The eagerly anticipated Black Friday sale is about to start. A few online stores as and already kicked off their Black Friday deals with the promise for more until the end of November. Traditionally, Amazon runs Black Friday Deals Week starting around from around the 20th of November. Most of the established online retailers are well experienced in offering irresistible Black Friday deals. They know how to keep shoppers coming back for more often.

The Dubai Chronicle’s team covers Black Friday and Cyber Monday events nearly for a decade. So, with the time we learned where to find the best deals on good quality products. As the number of internet users grows by the day, so is the number of people interested in Black Friday online shopping. If you are still a newbie or simply in a need of advice, you won’t regret following our recommendations on where to shop and what to shop for. 

Traditionally and statistically, most people spend on toys, clothes and electronics at his time of the year. Toys are in high demand because the most excited gift receivers are little children on Christmas. An universal shoppers’ choice of all ages and genders, clothes are equally popular and available in every price range and style. With technology firmly invading our lifestyle at home, in the workplace and on the go, personal electronics have become a necessity. So, if you plan to shop for products in at least one of the above categories, we have found the best Black Friday deals on popular products this holiday season. Follow our recommendations and you won’t regret your Black Friday online shopping.

When it comes to Christmas gifts for children, Amazon has become an expert through the years. Every new season the online retailer reveals a complete Holiday Toys List. Toys and popular games are categorized according to age groups and interests, so it is easy for parents and grandparents to navigate and choose Christmas gifts. 

Nevertheless, we have conducted a statistical research about the most popular toys for children aged three to five this holiday season. Here are the top five most popular choices with Little Live Pets our favorite.

Older children would prefer Lego sets and robot toys.  Lego Friends and Lego Disney Princess are very popular amongst children between five and nine, while the Lego Architecture series (our favorite) are more suitable for children above ten years of age. In the games department, Cards Against Humanity ranks 2nd on this year’s Best Sellers List.

When it comes to shopping for clothes, the variety of online stores is much larger. It really depends on your personal preferences in terms of brands and budget. Department stores outweigh specialized retailers.

In previous years, Amazon Fashion offered 30% discount on select clothing and apparel with a code at the checkout. Still the selection is somewhat limited, while the prices  are often higher than elsewhere. Steve Madden’s Lara is a great choice of a handbag as Christmas gift for young woman.

The right stores for Black Friday online shopping for shoes and bags are and Prices are slightly cheaper than on Amazon and you can score up to 90% discount on Black Friday. On the left, Bearpaw Boo Solids Furry Boot is now on sale with 38%, while very trendy. Ankle boots are very popular this season and we have featured five elegant pairs here. is great for middle to high end branded bags and clothes, but it offers mostly American brands as Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger and Martha Stewart. Black Friday has already started and the best Black Friday deals are here. This year, the specially designed for Macy’s family pajamas are quite a steal. You can choose the size for each member of the family individually. Similar pajama sets have been recommended by Oprah, but not that cute as these ones.

Books in either format – be it Kindle or hardcover – are mandatory purchases for shoppers of all ages during the holiday season. Children are still more comfortable reading printed books, while many adults tend to use e-readers or listen to audiobooks.  Hence, Kindle e-readers are very popular as Christmas gifts. Meanwhile, Kindle App is free to download on any mobile device for personal use.

In the nineties, Amazon debuted on the internet as a bookstore and by now has turned written words retailing into an art. If you plan buying books, there is no point in taking the time to explore other online stores although a few might offer additional variety. At Amazon’s book section you will find all sorts of lists and classifications, as for example: Best Books of 2017, Children’s Books, Award Winners, 100 Best Books of a Lifetime and more.

And because we appreciate your interest in our recommendation, we want to offer a few freebies that we hope will keep you interested in reading.



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