How to Wear a Beanie?


Beanies have been huge during the last couple of seasons, so you probably have one or two in your closet. The greatest thing about them is that they not only go with almost everything and every style, but they also keep us warm and safe in the cold, windy days. However, wearing beanies can be very tricky – instead of modern and chic, you can easily end up looking juvenile. So, how to wear a beanie and style it the right way?

Fashion experts will tell you that there is no wrong way to wear a beanie, but that’s not quite true. Beanies are universally considered a childhood headwear for the cold seasons, so if you don’t know what to pair it with, you will only look childish. But somehow celebs like Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne always manage to appear trendy, stylish and cute, without even trying. Well, a nicely combined beanie can compliment your style or be a sophisticated fashion statement, so before putting it on, see the five best ways to wear a beanie.

With a short hair

The easiest way to create a casual, cute beanie look is if you have a short hair. Just put it on and let your bangs loose on your forehead. Fix them with hairspray slightly to one side and you have a stylish, quick and trendy look. It’s also great for long-haired women who just wake up and happen to have a really bad hat day. Just tuck your hair in the beanie, covering it up completely, or leaving some locks on your forehead.
With side-swept hair

This is the ultra-casual, hot way to wear your beanie. Just use some hairspray to keep your hair on one side and choose more casual clothing. Put the beanie slightly behind, put a pair of sunglasses (or some kind of glasses) and you’re ready to go. This looks great even if it’s not so cold outside.

Leave your bangs free

Wear the beanie slightly further on your head, leaving your bangs out. Have a killer fringe? Then show it off! But this style works best with longer, straighter hair, so if it’s shorter or just has more volume than you’d want it to, use a bit of hairspray to keep it in place.

With loose locks and long hair

The possibilities here are really endless, but the easiest way is to simply put the beanie with the rim standing slightly above your eyebrows. While this is great for straight hair, it also works with slouchy beanies for almost any kind of longer hairs. Just pull the beanie slightly back and let your loose locks do their magic.

With a braid

Is there a cuter way to wear a beanie? Make one loose braid, leaving it on one side, and leave a couple of loose locks on the other side. Or for even more girly look, place two braids on your shoulders.

These are the easiest ways to wear your favourite beanie, but there are many more. For instance, choose neutral colours and simple designs. Avoid bold decorations, beadwork, zippers and neon colours. Loose-fit styles will be much more appropriate than tight, elastic fabrics that are usually uncomfortable and can leave a ride line on your skin.
But if you need some edge, you can go for a bright coloured beanie, red for example, and wear it with a leather jacket. Pull the top of the beanie as high as you can and choose make-up that will emphasize your eyes – dark eyeliner and black mascara. But keep the rest of your face simple, so that the beanie can be highlighted.

Choose a matching top – either match its colour to your winter jacket (black, white, tan, gray), or choose something completely different to add a pop of colour. Leather jackets make a great contrast with the softness and homemade look of the beanie.

Another way to wear it is with similar textures such as a heavy, warm sweater, or for a more feminine feel, with soft, light-coloured pea coat.

The best thing about beanies is their versatility and casual look, combined with their practicality – they can be combined with almost everything and can be used to add a really chic touch to your outfit. Along with the nice handbag and trendy riding boots or Uggs, beanies are the ultimate pieces of the urban fashion.


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