December’s Hottest Fashion Trend: Christmas Jumpers



Most of us have one or two of these red and green, holiday-themed sweaters, which are not always as great-looking as we would want them to. And while most of us complain about getting one as a gift on Christmas, we also tend to buy tons of them. Looking at the online sales, we can say this December’s hottest fashion trend is Christmas jumpers.

christmas-jumpersChristmas sweaters come in a wide range of brands, designs, colours and fabrics and each year around December, they are gaining more popularity than ever. Despite the fact most people consider them tasteless, unfashionable and even ugly, everyone wears them. Or, to be precise, everyone is buying them in the few weeks left until Christmas, if we look the best-selling women’s pullovers list on the largest online retailer. There is just some traditional appeal to the festive knitwear that no one can escape from. So, which colours are popular? Which designs are the trendiest this year?

The best-selling sweater on the store right now comes in several designs, but the most popular among ladies is the sparkling beaded version. The thin red sweater is cutely decorated with a reindeer made of silver-tone beads and is perfect for the holidays, especially at a price of $28.

Men’s sweaters are much stranger and some of them are actually ugly. This apparently isn’t a problem for the guys as the best-selling sweater on the website is The Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit. And this is a really crazy-looking Christmas jumper – men can sew or glue its parts and design it in endless ways. If you want to be a Christmas card/tree display, then $24.99 is nothing for you.

But if you want to keep the tradition and stay stylish at the same time, we recommend you the casual Christmas in Paris sweater – it’s in pink, white and black and it’s not the typical holiday jumper. It will cost you $80.

However, Christmas sweaters aren’t really the favourite thing for many people who love the classic trend of knitwear in the winter. There are many designer items, which won’t be as traditional as the Santa and reindeer-decorated jumpers, but are very trendy and elegant. They don’t have to be so expensive, as well. For instance Calvin Klein’s Women Ombre Textured Sweater is a much more fashionable, sophisticated option than any holiday-themed sweater. And it’s only $67.50.


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