Do you have plans already for the free time during the upcoming Eid al Fitr public holiday? It will probably start on 17th of July, Friday, and it will continue for a minimum of three days.

Because the weather is too hot in UAE and not so good for trips to nearby cities or beach experiences, short breaks in Europe look like the most suitable choice this year. Istanbul is only three and half hours away, while a flight to some of the most visited European countries like Italy or Austria takes between six to seven hours.

Eid holiday travel packages are most sought at this time and the easiest way to book one is through an airline’s holidays page as the one here. This is a very convenient way to travel, as most of the details are taken care off in advance and you will have more time to enjoy the trip. There are also options to customize the travel package by choosing the time of the flight, the hotel and even additional excursions.

If you are not yet convinced, you may compare the cost of complete Eid holiday travel packages to the cost of single flights you may book with Emirates and hotel stays you can book on Rest assured, we tried and tasted it! To book all inclusive Eid holiday travel package is the more cost efficient.

When it comes to maximizing your time, it takes less effort to book an experience through one website than to browse a few and compare options. In addition, during the trip you will also waste less time as travel packages are usually tailor-made by professionals and you will only have to follow guidelines, instead of discovering the options by yourself.

A short daily excursion as the featured below can also be easily booked online to spice up the short break. So, you will be able to experience the most during your short Eid holiday break.


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