48-hours-challenge: Time to become a Game Creation Hero



The European Youth Award invites ingenious people from all over Europe to work together for 48 hours to create games with impact on society.

End of May, a unique chance is awaiting all those longing for the creation of something that has never existed before and having not the creative outlet to elaborate on it: a 48-hour game creation marathon will take over FH Joanneum in Graz from May 29-31. It is organized by the European Youth Award (EYA).

Creative minds from all backgrounds will come together and enjoy collaboration to design brand new games. No matter if one has programming skills or not, studies design, marketing or anything else, is male or female, younger or older than 30: the invitation goes out to everyone who has creative ideas and ever wanted to try to develop games. “The jam is all about having fun, finding new friends and enjoying creativity.” says Birgit Kolb, Project Manager of the European Youth Award (EYA).

As the European Youth Award itself, also the EYA game jam will focus on socially valuable themes. They will be revealed during the opening session, also comprising exciting talks from international speakers. Amongst them, Khaled Jemni, developer of the internationally rewarded game “Heroes of the Past”, who will make the audience dive into the amazing world of the possibilities of Near-Field-Communication (NFC) technologies.

EYA Game Jam is organized in cooperation with Games Austria, Austria Game Jam, Jam Today, Spraylight, University of Technology Graz, FH Joanneum and Campus02.

Program can be found on eu-youthaward.org/game-jam-program

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