New Promotional Campaign to Reveal Expo 2020’s Impact to UAE Residents


expo2020_be_part_of_it_21 sculptures are being erected this week across the UAE as part of a public awareness campaign for World Expo 2020, which will be held in Dubai in five years. With their interactive screens, the ultra-high sculptures will explain to the public the impact of the world expo on the life and economy of Dubai and the country.

Expo 2020 organizers just launched a nation-wide informational campaign that aims to promote the event. Besides the interactive sculptures, there will be a design competition for a new logo for the event. In addition, “experience roadshow zones” were announced – they will be opened on April 10 and will also raise awareness of the expo in the UAE. The campaign arrives only a few months before the start of this year’s expo (they are held once in 5 years) in Milan, Italy, where the UAE will have a country pavilion.

Expo 2020 is the most-talked about event in Dubai right now, but a lot of people in the emirate, as well as across the country, don’t have a clear idea how it will impact their lives. But it will – it already does. The event will provide a huge boost for Dubai’s economy, with new businesses arriving, new jobs openings, and plenty of hotels, residential buildings, and various new projects launching. The awareness campaign will explain all this feature benefits to residents, showing them that the expo isn’t only for the business, but “For everyone”, as the campaign itself is called.

If it works, and it probably will, soon everyone in Dubai and the UAE will be discussing the event and how it could improve their lives and future opportunities. Because so far, the main effect is the rapid rise of property prices, which led to increased rents all over Dubai. Inflation is aggressively pushing the cost of living in the city, driven by future prospects but not in unison with the global trends.

However, the impact of the world’s fair will be much bigger in the coming months and years and it’s essential for people and companies to be informed, so that they can benefit from an event that is expected to attract millions of visitors to Dubai. The expo will be a great opportunity for growth and expansion for many businesses across various sectors.

The 21 conceptual artworks are 3 to 6 meters in height and can be seen in popular shopping malls and big business centers. They are expressions of the three themes of Expo 2020 – mobility, opportunity, and sustainability and will be put on display together in three weeks.

This new promotional campaign is just the first one in the course of the coming five years.


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