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How to Make Weekends Longer


The best thing about weekends is that they are work-free and the worst is that often seem to pass away very quickly. However, there are some ways to extend your weekends. By that we do not mean leaving the office earlier on Thursday or showing up late on Sunday. Each weekend last 48 hours so extending them is not really possible. Nevertheless, you can always make weekends longer!

Sleeping WomanDon’t Sleep In

If you are like most people, you probably dedicate part of your weekend to catching some extras Zs. However, if you spend half of your weekend in bed, it will fly away even faster. Also, sleeping until late will not make you feel fresher on Monday. What will truly energize you is making the most of the free time you have. Therefore, try to go up around your usual work-day time, plus-minus an hour.

Get Chores Out of Your Way

Don’t leave chores for the second part of the day or the weekend. They should always be at the top of your weekend to-do list. Chores are just something that has to be done. There is no escaping them. So you better finish with them early in the weekend and you will be able to dedicate the rest of it to pleasure.

Make It Eventful

The more things you do during the weekend, the more eventful it will be and the longer it will seem. Therefore, grab a pen and plan it through. Think about where you want to go, who you want to meet and what you want to do. Don’t waste a single second to blissful inactivity.

Eid-Al-FitrGo Out of Town

Change the scenery by spending the weekend out-of-town. You do not need to go to a faraway spot. In fact, you can just take trip in the afternoon and be home by the evening. Even if you do not go anywhere special, this short getaway will clear your mind.

Keep Saturday Evening Work-Free

Is there something work-related that you need to do before the clock strikes Monday, like organizing your schedule or ironing some shirts? Don’t leave that for the last minute. Remember to always keep your Sunday evening work-free. Otherwise, you will start the work week earlier instead of prolonging the weekend.

ICE First Class Screen Boeing 777-300ERStay Away from Screens

Binge-watching on your favourite TV show or playing games on your PC for endless hours is fun. However, spending time in front of the screen will make time pass very fast. That is why, it is better if you stay away from TVs, computers, consoles, smartphones, tablets and etc. If you find that hard, just go out. Leave the house and meet with some friends.

Making the most of every weekend, will almost make you feel as if you have rested for an extra day. That will give you a head start when the new week arrives and will keep you energized for a longer time.



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